Mighty Mighty Benjamite: Month Thirteen

August 23, 2007


Dear Benjamin,

You’ll notice our house looks a little different these days. You see, we’ve had to take things off of tables, remove small decorative items here and there, hide some wires, move some small appliances and there seems to be a gafrillion (clean) diapers strewn about our various rooms.

Hurricane Dean’s got nothing on you.

Moose Love 2

Because you enjoy your new walking freedom so much, you have completely abandoned your walker/car/instrument of neglect and destruction. It is dead to you now. And our 16 minutes of Benja-freedom to get something done around the house? It is also dead now.

You walk (and sometimes run) everywhere now – usually with a huge grin on your face. If we ask you to come with us to the kitchen, you come willingly and all by yourself. I’ve figured out that a Tupperware bowl and set of measuring spoons can keep you occupied long enough to make salad, a mixing spoon and pot can get me through a sauté. But, without the additional tag team of Maria, The Swimmy and Daddy, dinner would never get on the table. Perhaps YOU are the new diet America has been waiting for?

We’ve worked on some sign language with you and you can now sign milk, more, “so big”, food, and please. And, not surprisingly, your favorite is “More, please.” You also can announce with some sort of toddler ghetto sign “I am Benjamin! (Bitches)” When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is run through your litany of known signs all in a row. It’s as if you are checking to see if you remember how to do them all and if we can decipher them. It’s a favorite morning game of yours and it continues to be hilarious.


You’ve also been working really hard on talking, but it’s still a little, uh, unclear. You’ve been practicing MaMaMaMa a lot, which I’m going to believe is Mommy. You also sometimes say DaDaDaDa, which, Daddy believes is Daddy. NaNaNaNa means something we can’t figure out and I swear you were trying to say “clean” when I put a clean diaper on you the other day. I’m hopeful your chatter will morph into some true words soon so we can start to giggle at the silly thoughts that must be running through your head.

First Peek A Benja Boo

You’ve started going to a little toddler gymnastics class with your cousin and friend, Emma this month. You were a bit overwhelmed by all the people at first, but you LOVED the tumbling and flipping upside down with me. In fact, you had so much fun that when we came home you kept bending in half to try to do a forward roll which almost immediately sent your Daddy over the edge because he was afraid you’d try to do it on the slate floor. So far? So good.

This past weekend you helped your Great Grandma celebrate her 95th birthday. She got a lot of really fun presents, but something tells me that YOU were a really special present for her. Watching you run around, eat and laugh was a highlight of everyone’s day.

We love you, little buddy – and this one month into one year has been really fun. I can’t wait to see what next month brings. I love you.



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