Oh What a Difference A Day Makes

August 14, 2007


Well, I’m really glad we like our little house. ‘Cause we’re stayin’ in it for awhile.

A few things happened:

1. My neighbor is not going to buy the house she wanted to buy, so her house is not going to be available.

2. While we could still sell our house, there are no other houses in our neighborhood that we could afford. And her home was too much of a stretch once we did the numbers.

3. We could move to another neighborhood, but The Swimmy would have to change schools and that’s a big, fat NO WAY EVER.

4. The longer-term plan of Me Actually Not Working wouldn’t work out given a bigger house payment (even debt-freeeeeeee)

But, I’m not sad. In fact, it’s a good thing that we went through this fire drill, ahem, exercise. Our house may not have everything we want, but it’s a great house. And? It’s the only home Benjamite has ever known and that The Swimmy ever remembers.

No doubt we have some financial hurdles to overcome this year and that the extra money would have been great. But there’s a plan for that, too. And at the end of the day we’ll still have the option of selling.

But for now, we’re gonna do a few things in the Home Improvement category that we’ll need to do anyway. And I’m all about the fun house projects. Next up? Painting our master bedroom. And maybe the kitchen. New cabinet pulls in the bathrooms. Some updated window coverings in the study. Maybe some lighting and bathroom fixtures. The trees need trimming and some grass needs replacing.

And really? I hate stairs.

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One Response to “Oh What a Difference A Day Makes”

  1. john Says:

    Funny how things have a way of changing… I am glad you did not get too deep in this selling/buying thing before it fell apart. 🙂