Mighty Mighty Benjamite: Month Eleven

June 24, 2007


Dear Benjamin,

This past month has been one filled with bruises, cuts and other boo-boos. Not yours, ours. Your physical strength and desire to play without boundaries has left indelible marks on anyone who gets in your way – namely Mommy, Daddy and your nanny, Maria. There have been bite marks, scratches, bruises, sore noses from a powerful head “bonk” and a few fat lips. It’s a good thing you’re cute. Really. Be grateful for good genetics right now.


For all this brute strength and interest in exploring, you have very little interest in actually trying to walk. You crawl so fast that you have no interest in trying to move while being vertical. As long as you can crawl at light speed, pull up, get what you need and move on, why walk? Okay! Not a problem! You might want to consider actually looking UP while you crawl, though. Anyone going that far that fast ought to be aware there is a WALL in front of you. But, for as many times as you’ve rammed your head squarely into a wall, you just laugh and keep going. It should astound us. It doesn’t. B.O.Y.

Your food repertoire has expanded to include some new favorites: cheeseburgers, hot dogs and macaroni and cheese HOT DAMN! Oddly enough, you now also love mango, watermelon, avocado and broccoli. You try anything and everything – as long as it just keeps coming. Your appetite should also astound us. It doesn’t.


But the best part of this month was that you truly started to sleep better. It took Mommy and Daddy letting you cry and figure out that, yes, indeed, you CAN put yourself back to sleep without a bottle and, while you could eat an entire side of a cow, you really were NOT hungry at 5:30am every morning. Who knew? Mommy knew, that’s who. And now you tend to sleep all the way to 7:00am and that is a glorious number to behold in the morning.

You are starting to use some words. Well, okay, ONE word. A very important word: DADDY. You scream it as soon as you see him or even see a picture of him and then clap your hands madly. It’s adorable. And besides “Daddy”, you are starting to get the hang of some sign language signs – “more” is one you’re getting pretty good at. We’re now working on “milk”, “Mommy”, “Daddy” and “dog”.

Bathing Beauties

The silliest thing you’ve done lately is try to mimic a kissing sound. Instead of pursing your lips together and making that SWACK sound, you contort your tongue, suck on it a bit and open your mouth to smile. See, Mommy? Same noise! It’s ugly, but it’s funny and you smile so big every time you do it that we’ll file that under “precious” instead.

By the time your next month’s post rolls around, you will have had more food adventures, more play adventures, gone swimming and gone to the beach on our first family vacation. It’s a jam-packed month to come and I’m glad for that – because there’s a part of me that can’t believe I am almost ready to write your one-year entry. So, we’ll stall a little longer, okay? Thanks for playing along.

In re-reading this post, there are a lot of ALL CAPS in here. I assure you, it is not overkill. It is how you live your life: ALL CAPS. In fact, it would make complete sense to always type your name that way. BENJAMIN! Exclamation point! There is nothing subtle or half-way about how you exist in this world. It wears us out, but we love it. You are not just a breath of fresh air, you are an entire hurricane of energy that we absorb, herd and try to hold on to every day.

As we get ready to celebrate your one-year-old birthday, we remember you as a tiny, determined baby who has turned into a sweet and charming little boy. Who knows what this month will bring – but we’re strapping in and ready to go.

All for Daddy

And, in the meantime, we’ll also invest in some padding, helmets, gauze and bandaids. I think we’re gonna need them.

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4 Responses to “Mighty Mighty Benjamite: Month Eleven”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Benjamin really looks like his daddy in that picture… it’s like you each got your own mini-me. 🙂

  2. Bill Says:

    Haven’t you heard of cropping? It’s bad enough that Larry wears “sheep shorts” but to show the World? I could have gone a couple more decades without seeing that.
    And don’t tell me they’re dogs. I know a sheep when I see a sheep.
    (the paw prints are from the sheepdog trying to keep the sheep in order.)

  3. hazelhazel Says:

    I love the pictures……especially the feet 🙂

  4. john Says:

    He is growing so fast… its great to read about all the progress he is making, thanks for sharing!!! 🙂