Mighty Mighty Benjamite: Month Ten

May 16, 2007


Dear Benjamin,

This month has been a whirlwind of milestones for you. First of all, you have started feeding yourself REAL FOOD. You’re not smooth, but eventually you are effective and you couldn’t be more proud of yourself. You are completely obsessed with Sweet Potato Puffs shaped like little stars and now love beef ravioli – most especially because you can do it all BY YOURSELF. And, strangely enough, you now like peas. Especially because they are so deliciously squishable in your chubby little hands. But, between you and me, mushy peas do not fall in the “organic shampoo” category. Make a note of it.

Ridin' Dirty in my chair May 2007

You took off crawling last month as fast as lightning and figured out how to pull up – somewhat successfully. This month you’ve most definitely decided that vertical kicks horizontal’s ass and stood all by yourself. The look on your face was priceless, but so was watching you be so proud of your accomplishment. And now you spend almost every waking moment trying to pull yourself up and stand over and over again. Somehow you haven’t quite figured out that letting go while turning around is not a good combination. But you’re a bright boy. You’ll figure it out. And in preparation for that day we’ve put the dog on mood stabilizers.

Aw Daddy May 2007

In the continuing theme of Benjamin Gets Physically Coordinated, you also discovered how to clap your hands this month. It was a Monday night at dinner. I said you were a good boy for feeding yourself and you smiled and clapped your hands. It took us all a second to realize you were actually clapping for yourself, but when we did, a thunderous applause roared from the dinner table and you literally squealed with glee. We then spent the next 14 minutes clapping back and forth. You can’t order that at any restaurant.

BenjaLid May 2007

I often times wrestle with whether or not I should continue this website, but this month, I’m certainly glad it’s still around. You see, I finally got you a baby book. Nine months later. I know – total second child syndrome. I apologize. But when it arrived, I had all these pages I needed to fill in and for the life of me I was having a little trouble piecing a few timelines together. But! I fired up this blog – and there you were – before and after you were born right up until today. For that, I am very thankful. You change so much and so fast that a book doesn’t do you justice – I look at The Swimmy’s book (that I actually have kept up with) and desperately wish I had had the blogging opportunity almost six years ago that I have with you. Either way, I’m glad I have a way to capture both of you in some way.

Me and My Man May 2007

This month Daddy solved a huge mystery – who you look like. And the answer is: Grandpa Gene. You see, Grandpa Gene decided to shave his head as part of his chemo treatment and you….well, you are one toe-headed, slightly-haired little dude. You most certainly have his blue eyes, but, once, when Daddy was visiting Grandpa Gene, he caught a profile view just right and WHAM! There it was. Uncanny. I pray that you have also inherited his sense of family, responsibility and loving heart.

But then (THEN!) you went and did one more wonderful thing – you played with your Zayde. AND you let him hold you. He is now in (as he likes to refer to it) “The Circle of Trust”. You have no idea how awesome this is. Dodi and Zayde spent so much of your early months traveling back and forth to Little Rock that being able to spend time with you now and having you play and laugh and giggle with them is nothing short of magical.

Zayde n Me May 2007

And, finally, it also appears you are a musical dude. The Swimmy and I went to a fifties-style diner complete with jukeboxes on the table for dinner one night and came home singing all kinds of tunes. When I broke out with a terribly off-key version of “Chantilly Lace”, you stopped dead in your tracks, started wiggling back and forth and clapping your hands madly. Not quite Jerry Lee Lewis, but close! (Without marrying your cousin.)

Benjatongue 2007

Benjamin, you are such a breath of life and spirit to so many people and we are so lucky to have you in our lives. I have no idea what the next month will bring, but Daddy and I sure are looking forward to it.



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