Headbangers' Ball

May 14, 2007


Benjamin is weird.

In order to fall asleep, he must lay face down in his crib, hands by his ears and bang his forehead into the mattress rhythmically. Usually 4/4 tempo. Sometimes a little jazzy. Occassionally with a latin beat.

Sometimes he does it so much he rubs a red spot on his nose. Like Rudolph. Rudolph the Freaky Jewish Headbanging Baby.

I got nothin’ else. But, really, isn’t that enough for tonight?

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One Response to “Headbangers' Ball”

  1. Marie Says:

    Cute. My oldest daughter used to put herself to sleep by rocking on all fours in her crib. She’d really get a groove on going. One time she rocked her crib right out the door!