Well at least she's not dramatic

April 9, 2007


“Mommy, Benjamin is tearing up my life. He’s not sharing!”

“That’s because he’s eight months old and doesn’t understand sharing. He just knows you are the coolest thing ever in his little life and wants to be just like you. You’ll have to cut him some slack.”

“Okay, but he still needs to learn how to share.” [Stomps off]

Having a little brother is starting to officially cramp The Swimmy’s style. The crushing weight of not being the center of attention is starting to get to her – and, in turn, she is driving us a little batshit.

So, we fixed it. She can no longer play with Benjamin. He is in time out from her.

That went over like a whore in church.

Now we’re back to smiles and discovering that the little plastic triangle with jingle bells really is the coolest toy in the world and OHMYG-D why can’t I have one of those like he does?!?!

Because YOU need to learn to share. That’s why.

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One Response to “Well at least she's not dramatic”

  1. stephanie Says:

    That sounds like some pretty brilliant parenting to me!