Pass the D Cup, Please

February 28, 2007


Tonight, a lovely couple will be hosting a cocktail party and discussion with one of my hospital’s prominent surgeons. He is a plastic surgeon. When the invitations went out, there was much giggling and excitement about the opportunity to sit down and ask questions about skin health, rejuvenation, and apparently, all kinds of surgeries.

The hostess emailed me to say that three ladies who are no stranger to this kind of ‘enhancement’ had RSVPed. Two were looking for tummy tucks and one for “new boobs”.

When I shared this with the physician, he, quite seriously, asked, “Oh! Should I bring boobs with me?”

No, doc, that won’t be necessary. From what I can tell, there will be plenty of those already in attendance. And I’m bringing my own thankyouverymuch.

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One Response to “Pass the D Cup, Please”

  1. John Says:

    LMFAO.. I am just dying at this one. “Plenty of those already in attendence.” LOL And us mere mortals just worry about cancer and other such mundane things…..