What a Long Strange Trip It's Been. And it ain't over yet.

February 23, 2007


I know. I’m sorry. It’s been forever. I have no excuse except to say AM BUSY.


So, let’s catch up, shall we?

I am knee deep in a campaign for the hospital that has taken over my life and the lives of my family. I produced a video for it and I wish I could show it to you, but that might be giving away a little too much info. But let’s just say it requires Kleenex to watch…and we’re raising a shitload of money.

The Swimmy informed me yesterday that a spider has a cepholothorax which is different from an insect when has a thorax. Um, she’s five. Are five year olds supposed to know words like cepholothorax? ‘Cause it’s creepin’ me out.

I went to someone’s home yesterday for a meeting who has a full sized elephant’s head and a full sized stuffed cheetah trophy in their front hall. It was the single most interesting and unsettling thing I’ve seen in quite a while. Except, of course, for Britney’s head.

I have another gala to attend tomorrow night. And I’m sorry to inform you that I did not keep that second dress, but, in all honesty, it started to look like a prom dress with the sparkles. I did however find THIS and will be donning it instead. ‘Cause, you know, a little leopard is always in season.

DVF dress.jpg

And finally there’s this.

On My Knees.  Look Out.

The boy’s about to be on the move. G-d help us all.

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4 Responses to “What a Long Strange Trip It's Been. And it ain't over yet.”

  1. Bill Says:

    I remember the first time I used the word “cepholothorax” and my Mom washed out my mouth with soap.
    Or, did I say effing cepholothorax?

  2. Em Says:

    glad you have returned … love the dress, but it would look ridiculous on me … I don’t have the coloring for it.
    Are you going to dazzle us with more pics from the tub?

  3. john Says:

    Well… I have agree with Em, that dress would not look good on me. Buts its a bit more than my coloring….. I know that a spider has eight legs… I think the latin term for that is “creepolothorax” Most of the people I know shorten that to “creepy”

  4. Chris Says:

    The dress wouldn’t look good on me either. You? Sure. But not me.
    Good luck with the mobility thing.