Mighty Mighty Benjamite: Month Seven

February 12, 2007


Dear Benjamin,

I can’t even believe I just typed the word “seven” up there. But if I think for a moment, well, yep, it has totally been seven months since you showed up.

While you continue to astound people by being so incredibly happy all the time, we are now getting to see some more of your personal preferences and how you choose to express them. I know you don’t know how to say the word “no” yet, but you had a moment with your sister this month where you communicated quite effectively your thoughts about her invading your space. Your face spoke volumes as did your attempt to get her to “move the hell over already!” It was truly hilarious and a little bit cool to see you express yourself this way – and I got to capture it on film. You know, for the rehearsal dinner.


You have found both your feet and right ear and love to play with all three of them – sometimes simultaneously. Your dad and I have a habit of seeking out soft things to touch when we relax and it appears you have inherited this silly trait. But, in your defense, your ear is very soft and, if you’d let me, I’d rub it, too.

While you haven’t become truly mobile yet, I can see how hard you are working at it. You’ve all but mastered the Backwards Scoot when you’re on your tummy, and you’ve gotten fairly adept at rolling yourself to some place you’d like to be. I’d like to say we’re thrilled with this progress, but, really, it makes us tired thinking about how ridiculously weary we are going to get chasing you around the house. I think we’re good for a little while longer, but, man, try to go easy on us. We are old.


There is nothing you like more than playing – except stopping to eat anything that is not currently nailed down – which is how you manage to have so much energy I’m guessing. You’ve come to terms with some vegetables you detested last month, namely peas, much to my dismay.


You’ve made a few startling discoveries this month. You now know there is a dog that lives in the house. It’s not that she wasn’t there before, but now you have chosen to recognize her existence. In your mind, she is a walking, fuzzy, slightly smelly but loveable toy who clearly wants nothing to do with the likes of you. And you watch her so intently, it’s like you’re willing her to play with you. But? No. She, too, is wary of the day you start to move around, my son.

Your grandmother, Dodi, let you touch a cold glass with ice and Diet Dr. Pepper in it. You looked at her like, “Hey! Woah. Did you know about this?! Dude.” Now, every time you see a glass in someone’s hand, you want to reach out and touch it. That Dodi, she’s full of great ideas.

What's On Benjamin's Head 2

You have only one public trick, otherwise known as “Dancey-Dancey”. While you may not be the most graceful 20 pound seven month old, you clasp your hands and bounce with such enthusiasm and glee that even Simon Cowell would let you move to the next round.

Plus, with a face like this, who could NOT love it? A person with no soul, that’s who.

Floor fun!

Little Man, it is so great to start and end the day with you. It’s like our own little happy bookends. You are the living embodiment of joy and I pray that it stays that way all through your life. Thank you for your somewhat toothy smile, your little squeals of glee and for letting us tickle your stomach just to hear your laugh. I love you –



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4 Responses to “Mighty Mighty Benjamite: Month Seven”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Pam, He is trully a ridiculously cute kid. How you can be anything but mush all day long. ….
    So cute!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Em Says:

    Geez, I know it’s totally cliche, but my how time does fly by!!
    And let’s hope this joy you are seeing now doesn’t end with a thud the day the kid turns eleven, never to be seen again.

  3. Chris Says:

    Look at the strength…how he just manhandles (babyhandles?) his big sister!

  4. John Says:

    Great pics… he has and infectious smile. Its great you are sharing all his recent “discoveries” It brings back such wonderful memories. thanx…..