Perhaps her ears could get us out of debt

January 29, 2007


My father in law is magical. At least that’s what The Swimmy believes. You see, each Saturday we meet my father in law at a local family grill. You know…burgers, salads, and games to occupy the kids so the adults can eat.

One Saturday, my father in law did something astounding to a five and a half year old. He pulled a quarter out of her ear. You should have seen her eyes light up. Now, if you ask her, she will shake her head back and forth trying to make the change jingle. But it never works. Only HE can retrieve the quarters. And you better believe she asks him to do that each and every time.

I know this belief won’t last forever, but it sure is cute to see now. How nice it is to believe in magical people.

This got me to thinking…my grandparents had a big brass lamp that sits on a table in a TV room at their house. Every time I went over there, my grandfather would tell me it’s a “Magic Lamp”. He would reach behind it and pull out, yep, a quarter. I thought this was the coolest piece of functional furniture I had ever seen. It was one of my favorite parts of going over there.

One day I happened to be up on a chair next to the table that had the lamp and I saw something. A hurricane glass. Filled with coins. Right behind the lamp. In one moment I was both insanely proud of myself for solving the mystery of The Lamp, and a little disappointed that it wasn’t really magic.

I kept up the appearance of being amazed for awhile because I know my grandparents loved it. But it was never the same after that.

So, that’s what I want for my kids – to be amazed for as long as humanly possible. ‘Cause there’s waaay too much going on in the world that will kill that soon enough.

What was magic to you growing up?

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3 Responses to “Perhaps her ears could get us out of debt”

  1. Chris Says:

    My dad could and would always do stuff like that. It was completely enthralling to me. Complete and total magic.

  2. John Says:

    My father did a card trick that always amazed me. He did it once in awhile and I always walked away mystified. Then one day he told he how he did it, and like you and the lamp, iwas happy to know how it was done, but kind of disappointed at the same time. I will have a grandchild soon, and I am sure I will try to find some “magic” so he/she will look forward to seeing me….. and one day be disappointed to know I am not really a magician. lol

  3. Judy Says:

    magic was going into by big sister’s room (you know, you’re mom) and NOT being caught. That was a magical 5 minutes!!