The "Weird Meme" o' Six

January 22, 2007


Well, Mizzzzz Kai tagged me on this one so strap in…here it goes.

1. I have this “thing” with my belly button. As in DON’T EVER TOUCH IT. I have no explanation for this. Alls I know is it ain’t open for visitors. Ew.

2. I can split my tongue down the middle. I can’t separate it, but I can divide it muscularly. And, no, this has absolutely no value to Husband.

3. I hate the smell of cumin. HATE. It smells like B.O. Don’t try to convince me otherwise. My natural instinct is to throw some deodorant at it.

4. I know when you’re lying. Yes, you. And you in the back as well.

5. I can eat a dozen glazed donuts. And not really feel bad about it. (But I don’t do that any more.)

6. Whenever I’m in a scary situation, or have one of those “oh! The numbers are all similar! Make a wish!” kind of scenarios, I always say that same little wish. I have no idea if it’s heard, but I know that so far it works.

I should totally tag Bill. But I won’t. But you can.

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3 Responses to “The "Weird Meme" o' Six”

  1. Kai Says:

    Well I guess I can’t say that I too can eat a dozen donuts….. because you’d know that I was lying!
    (Well, I ‘can’ eat the donuts, I just shouldn’t.)

  2. Bill Says:

    The old “Name Six Weird Things About Yourself” meme, eh?
    Two thoughts come to mind. One is “what’s weird about perfection?” And the second is “only six?”

  3. john Says:

    Ok.. the tongue thing is a little scary. I once saw a girl on tv that had her tongue split physically. It was gross. Sorry you dislike cumin so much, it can be good in the right dishes. 🙂