Cow Tippin', I mean, uh, Spotting – Delurking Challenge #2

January 10, 2007


My mother needed a new calendar for 2007 and, like the good daughter I am (thankyouverymuch), I bought her one at the grocery store while I was there (for the 847th time). It was a Texas-themed one. Complete with longhorn on the cover. (Hook ’em Horns!)

Upon seeing the cover, my mom (in all seriousness) responded,

“Oh! See. There it is. You see a cow every day.”

To which I responded, “Uh, WHAT?!!?”

“Yep. It’s been documented. You see a cow every day. You can look it up.”

“WHERE can you look it up?! And who in the hell designed the study that had both the hypothesis and THE PROOF that you see a cow every day?!”

“I don’t know. People.”


Well, there’s your challenge, folks. You are now required to join my own personal science project and let me know where you see a cow tomorrow.

Updated to add: It doesn’t have to be a “real” cow.

Knock your socks off. Comment below.

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15 Responses to “Cow Tippin', I mean, uh, Spotting – Delurking Challenge #2”

  1. Beth Says:

    I see multiple cows every day, blame it on the toddler.

  2. Tara Says:

    Uh, does it have to be a real live cow?

  3. jen Says:

    I see cows on Chik-Fil-A commercials…but other than that? Notsomuch.
    There are no cows in Tampa. At least not in THIS part of Tampa. Some one around here has chickens though. I can hear ’em.

  4. dee Says:

    I haven’t seen a cow today….yet.

  5. jet Says:

    Does “having” a cow count?

  6. Em Says:

    Does “being” a cow count? 🙂 ha ha.
    Just kidding. This could get interesting … I will keep an eye out.

  7. Cindy Says:

    Ha! I work at University of Texas so I can’t get away from the damn things…..they’re everrrrrrrrywherrrrrrrrrrrre…….

  8. john Says:

    I can’t honestly say I have NOT seen a cow today, and maybe I do see one everyday and just don’t realize it. I have tried and tried… just can’t come up with it. And, I WON’T, no matter how tempting, mention my wife. lol

  9. Stephanie Says:

    I saw cow spots on my boyfriend’s drink blender thing. OH, and a picture of a cow on a milk carton at the grocery store.

  10. jaime Says:

    I drive past a lot of pasture on my way to and from work every day, so I see multiple cows at *least* 5 days a week.

  11. Mari Says:

    I don’t THINK I’ve seen a cow yet today. Now that I think of it, maybe I have… Hmm. Something to think about.

  12. PeanutButtersMum Says:

    You know, I think you might be on to something!?! It took me about 10 secs max to think back on my day and figure out if I’d seen a cow today. Weird, ’cause I thought of 2 instances right away! I can honestly say that I’ll remember your post now, every time I see a cow! I’m so glad I accidentally found your blog tonight!

  13. Sara Says:

    Okay, here’s one for you. My husband is a teacher in a mostly upper class suburb. Although there is a lot of development (and 5 Starbucks for a town of 10,000), the community is set in a rural area. One day when we pulled up to the school, he says to Lucy, “See the cows?” And, although I can’t believe it, there is a herd of cattle just grazing away 50 feet from the playground. They aren’t always out when we are, but about 3 days a week we see them. I’ll have to think of the other 4 days…

  14. Teri Says:

    I’m still waiting for the answer to the question of where do we see cows everyday. hhmmm, where, where????

  15. Bret Says:

    Now, if it was, “You HAVE a cow every day,” well, guilty as charged…