In which I kinda sorta write about my job

January 9, 2007


So, I have this really cool job. I am the Director of Development for a hospital. Or, the chick that asks for money for really really good causes.

On any given day my encounters might be:

  • Working with a wealthy community leader to educate them on some groovy thing the hospital is doing and please, please, please help us fund it
  • Talking with a patient or family member about their outstanding experience and how they might be able to help the hospital (since they asked)
  • Writing a proposal for funding to submit to a private foundation
  • Organizing a campaign around one of the hospital priorities
  • Writing a thank you note (‘cause my momma raised me right)
  • Trudging through SEC documents to investigate someone’s net worth (‘cause I’m CIA like that)
  • Trying to convince a doctor that, really, you should make a gift to the hospital
  • Freaking straight the hell out about making my goals this year
  • Working with a prominent Council member on an event in their unbelievable home that benefits the hospitalThese are all cool things. Even the freak out. Keeps you sharp.

    But, ever since I moved my office from my house (kind of) to the actual hospital, I’ve had some, uh, interesting moments as well.

    Like today. In the non-invasive cardiology unit. Where my office resides for some reason. And there is a patient bathroom two doors down…Where a patient was reacting, uh, badly to his medication before an MRI and stress test and I had to listen to his VERY LOUD conversation with a nurse about his intestinal tract and its, uh, issues.

    Complete with sound effects. And that’s all I have to say about that.

    I meet some really interesting people. Some who have tremendous wealth that you’d never guess. Some who you’d think have tremendous wealth that live month to month. Some who are so generous in spirit that, for a moment, the world is just the kindest place ever. Some who, despite their enormous capacity to give, will never give.

    I will never live the life of the wealthiest people I work with. And I will always be jealous of their capacity to give and make a tremendous impact instantaneously. And I’m not ashamed of that one bit. People can be jealous of worse things. And some days after spending time in their exquisite homes and hearing about their latest travel adventures or art purchase I come home and hate my lovely, but not enormous home just a little. And for that, okay, I’m a little ashamed.

    I am working on being happy with what I have in terms of the material things. ‘Cause man, you better believe I am a material girl. I love me some sparkly, furry, fast-driving and elegant things. Not just because they’re pretty, but because I love the craftsmanship, the story, the piece itself. But, I am learning that limiting some areas of material possessions actually gives me wings in other material areas.

    Here’s one for ya. I’m actually considering NOT getting a new car when the payments are up next year on the one I’m currently driving.

    I know. Not a groundbreaking thing to do. But for me? UNHEARD OF. I love new cars. I’d get a new one every two years if I could. But the thought of not having a car payment for a year?

    *insert breathless orgasm here*

    That’s real money, my friends. And maybe, with that money, I could be that benefactor that funds something really cool one time.

    So. What would you do with a year’s worth of a major expense saved up? How would YOU make an impact? Besides, you know, going to Vegas?

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    6 Responses to “In which I kinda sorta write about my job”

    1. jen Says:

      I would invest it, so it made more money. Then, with my mad amounts of money I would pack up my Mom, my Brother and his crew, the hubby, daughter, and some meaningful possessions, and move to an island in the Maldives.
      Ok, I am dreaming.
      Seriously? I would split the money saved between a non-profit local animal rescue group and St. Judes Children’s Hospital.

    2. Em Says:

      If I had to be noble with it, I suppose some would go to orphanages, (after much careful consideration) and the rest would go to something relating to animals. Because, while there is nothing cuter than fuzzy animals and little kids.
      But, if I could keep it … I’d spend a few months in Kiawah Island. I guess it doesn’t go as far when you’re selfish with it.

    3. john Says:

      Well.. to be honest, I have given some money over the past few years to Shriners hospitals.
      And I have bought a motorhome so I can spend lots of money on that. lol

    4. Tara Says:

      I am rather attached to an orphanage in Burma – the Mustard Seed Foundation… it’d probably mostly go there.

    5. Bret Says:

      In the words of the late Tug McGraw, I’d probably spend 90% of it on wine, women and song.
      And the other 10% I’d probably waste. (rimshot)
      Actually, I’m the boring sort. Drive my cars 10 years, etc. So I’d tuck a lot of it away, do a trip or two with some, and the 10% Tug would waste goes back to the original owner.

    6. Bill Says:

      You could save up money for your new iPhone!