By the Numbers: The Last 10 Days of 2006

January 1, 2007


Number of kids in my house who are / have been sick: 2

Number of times I’ve washed my bed sheets in 10 days: 28

Number of times I’ve been thrown up on in 10 days: 17

Number of times Husband has gone to the grocery store in 10 days: 21

Maximum consecutive number of hours of sleep I’ve gotten in 10 days: 4

Times I’ve gotten out of my pajamas, showered and looked presenatable: 3

Time I will be calling the carpet cleaning company: 8:01am

Number of hours it took me to make gumbo yesterday: 3

Number of bowls of gumbo I’ve consumed: 0

Number of glasses of champagne consumed on New Year’s Eve: 0

Number of drinks ingested today instead: 2.5

Probability that Husband and I were ever going to have our night away: 0

Actual probability: 0

Amount of money spent on eBay the last 10 days in protest: $64

Items acquired: 4

Number of milliliters in a teaspoon: 5

Number of milliliters of Infant Tylenol administered in 10 days: 50

Number of new teeth in this household: 1.5

Hours until the housekeeper arrives: 10.5

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2 Responses to “By the Numbers: The Last 10 Days of 2006”

  1. Chris Says:

    Wow. Our holidays sound familiar. Be well.

  2. john Says:

    You are so clever. Plus you know how to count. What a combo… 🙂