Things have kept me from the internet

December 27, 2006


Hi! Did you know I have a blog? Yes! It’s true. Really.


But you see – I got distracted. Someone held something shiny in front of my face. Well, okay, not so shiny, but equally as JUMP UP AND DOWN SO EXCITED I COULD PEE IN MY PANTS BUT WON’T BECAUSE I HAVE HAD ENOUGH DIAPERS LATELY TO LAST ME A LIFETIME AND WHAT WAS I TALKING ABOUT? OH, YEAH – THIS!!

Blog Pics 032.jpg

See? Shiny.

So, I’ve basically had this lovely attached to my face for several days and when it isn’t attached to my face I am reading the 100 page manual that goes along with it because I am SUCH a geek. A geek who loves run-on sentences, apparently.

Husband took one for the team, people. This man of men actually agreed to NOT get the lovely TV and instead get this and a few other lovely things for the house and isn’t he the BEST?! (Somewhere my grammar teacher is rolling over in her grave.)

So, I love it. Because I get to take pictures like this.

A Grinnin' Fool

And this.


And this.

Daddy n Me

And if you want to see more you can hang out over to the left on Flickr. I gotta go now. You see, there are other things distracting me as well that are not NEARLY as fun as the Lovely. Namely? Benjamite has a raging cold (again) and is starting to teeth.

This little cocktail of biological hell causes him to stop the incessant smiling that usually occupies his day and replaces that with whining, crying, screaming and spitting up all that he has eaten 30 minutes prior.

Yeah, good times. He’s miserable. See?


Back later with more — because I’m not the only one who got a new camera.

Swimmy Paparazzi

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4 Responses to “Things have kept me from the internet”

  1. Chris Says:

    Sweet! I’ve got one of those and I still haven’t read the manual! How’s swimmy like the little camera?

  2. Judy Says:

    That’s the most beautiful camera I’ve ever seen. Who’s dog? Is that Stanley? Benjamite needs chicken soup. Somebody has some in their freezer after all we’re Jewish!!

  3. john Says:

    Wow.. nice camera. I got a digital “state of the art” camera a few years ago, and now its just a so-so thing. The pictures you took are awsome. I may become a grandparent next year… you can bet I will be thinking about “upgrading”… LOL

  4. Jan B Says:

    Cool photos!