Mighty Mighty Benjamite: Month Five

December 12, 2006


Dear Benjamin,

I am writing this a little early this month because this weekend is not only your Five Month birthday, but it is Hanukah as well. And, as you will come to learn very, very quickly, Hanukah is a big deal and takes much energy. And, since you have decided that sleeping any regular stretches of time is just silly, energy is not what I have a lot of these days.

This month you have discovered the joys of solid foods. REAL food. You had a little bit of a stuggle getting used to the spoon at first, but now you eat like a champ. (Like anything involving food would be any other way, right?) You love any and all fruits that you’ve had and you’re sort of okay with sweet potatoes. The jury’s still out on squash, and that’s okay. Wait ‘til you get to peas. Daddy’s gonna have to do that one. Peas make Mommy gag.

You have become a hilarious little baby. Your facial expressions are priceless and your use of eyebrows for punctuating a thought is dead on. If we were waiting for a similarity between you and your sister, we found it in that.

You rolled over this month just like you should have and it caused Daddy to sprout more grey hairs and lose many, many more hours of sleep. You see, it’s been drilled into Daddy’s head that babies aren’t supposed to sleep on their stomachs lest the world come to an end. So, for the first night you decided to flip on over, he spent the entire panicked-filled night going in there and flipping you right back over. He eventually lost that battle out of sheer exhaustion and your incessant need to sleep on your stomach.

And how cute you are on your tummy. Now you not only sleep on your tummy, but you pull your little legs up under you and stick your little diaper tushie straight up in the air. The cuteness burns my retinas right out of my eyes.

And in case anyone was wondering, yes, you are still the happiest baby on the planet. And the busiest. You are hell bent on doing everything your sister is doing – up to and including playing basketball. Lacking a good pick-and-roll, you are relegated to what we have affectionately termed, “BenjaWiggle”.

BenjaWiggle on Vimeo

You are also now one snuggly little turtle. You put your little head on my shoulder and hug my neck with both arms and tiny hands and rub your face into me to let me know you are ready for bed. Well, that and you start to look a little drunk. Your bedtime routine has become a special time and my favorite part is where you let me kiss your head and you turn over and go to sleep.

I hope you enjoy your first Hanukah, Little Man. I worked hard for that Elmo. But you are the best gift this year.



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2 Responses to “Mighty Mighty Benjamite: Month Five”

  1. jen Says:

    Oh my. He is SO adorable. So so sooo adorable!! LOL
    Maya does that ‘nuzzle the face in the neck /shoulder’ thing when she is tired too.. *sigh*

  2. john Says:

    Once again you tell a wonderful story that tells me so much. It brings back memories from years ago and my three wiggly worms. You have a cute one, and he has wonderful parents.