When did THAT happen?

December 4, 2006


I went to a baby naming for some friends on Sunday where I got to see a bunch of folks I either grew up with or went to camp with some 20 years ago. It was (a) a lovely occasion and the baby did great!, (b) so fun to see everyone again and, (c) completely mindblowing.

We were all chatting about our kids, jobs and families catching up a bit – well, as best you can after not seeing each other forever. But what kept striking me as completely strange is how in my mind’s eye, everyone still looks 17 or 19 or even 20. It’s how I remember them (and myself) and it hasn’t changed in 20 years. Even as we stand before each other with hair a little longer, or thinner…. Stomaches a little flatter, or rounder… skin a little tighter, or with a few more lines… it’s not what I see. (Okay, I do see SOME of that.)

When did we become grown-ups? I mean, aren’t we all just home on winter break from college? It seems like yesterday I was packing a suitcase for a youth group retreat at camp to see some of my favorite people…

In March, Husband and I are going to take The Swimmy and Benjamite up to the camp I went to for the annual Family Retreat weekend so that she can see where SHE will go to camp next year.

THAT, my friends, is freaking me right the hell out. How weird is it that I’m going to be sending my KID to camp.

Can I go?


I miss that a little.

But, perhaps we will all reconnect a little as adults. We’ll laugh a little about some silly shit we did “when we were younger” (OMG), and NOT tell some stories about some truly ridiculous things we did “when we were stupider” (OMG). And maybe our kids will play together at camp or at synagogue like we did.

I get the whole circle of life thing. But why does it have to make you feel so old?

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3 Responses to “When did THAT happen?”

  1. Chris Says:

    There so needs to be an adult camp. But calling it an adult camp sounds wrong. Like it’ll be some odd videotaped orgy. I think you know what I mean.

  2. John? Says:

    Funny how as we get older we think more of the things we did in our youths, and how dumb/smart we were.

  3. Judy Says:

    Isn’t that why someone came up with spas? again, why didn’t we invent those?