Mighty Mighty Benjamite: Month Four

November 20, 2006


Dear Benjamin,

Well, you will notice that Mommy is posting this a little late this month. Sorry about that, but we were a little pre-occupied with some stuff your Dodi was going through. Let’s just say that it was a brutal couple of weeks and we are all VERY relieved that this letter to you isn’t going to be something much more devastating to pen.

While Dodi was in the hospital, I took several pictures of you and The Swimmy up there to put in her room. She spent many, many hours looking at your pictures and decided you look like her.

I’m not arguing and I suggest you don’t either.

This month has been all about you and your Daddy. The two of you have the best time together and when Daddy comes home and plays with you, you smile with your whole face. You especially love when Daddy does the “Little Dude Dance” with you – then your smile so hard it’s as if your face might pop off at any moment. Although Dodi swears you look like her, when you and Daddy are nose to considerable nose, you do kinda resemble each other. And for some reason, you try to eat Daddy’s nose each time he comes in for a kiss.

Benjamin Pics on Camera 084.jpg

Truer words were never written. Even in chalk.

You are getting really good at sitting up now and only sometimes launch yourself backwards at warp speed when you get overly excited – usually because your sister is doing something hilarious in your eyes…like…uh… smiling at you. You continue to be completed enthralled with The Swimmy and try desperately to follow her around the room with your eyes and head when she is off singing and dancing and generally goofing around. Get used to it, you will forever be following her around – it’s a little brother thing.

We’re going to try to get you eating “real food” (if you can call rice cereal and pureed bananas “real” – yuck) again this month. We tried once, and you were a good sport, but you just weren’t ready. We, your parents, however, are kinda ready for you to be full enough to sleep through the night. Immediately. So, tomorrow, we when start again, EAT, my son, EAT.

Halloween 2006 017.jpg

This? This is what you people think is worth giving up a bottle for? Would YOU eat this shit? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Tomorrow is your four-month check up with the pediatrician. He will tell us you weight eight gagillion pounds (which, duh, look at my tired arms, man) and are happy and healthy and then he will stick you in your enormous thighs three times. I will apologize in advance for purposely taking your precious, toothless grin away for a short time, but it’s for your own good.

We will then ask the genius doctor how we get you to stop waking up at 2am to eat (YET AGAIN) and he will look us in the eye and say, “Um, stop giving it to him,” and we will say, “Yes, we know…” and get ready for you to cry for three days. What a lovely, long holiday weekend this will be. Sigh.

Little Man, we all have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. A. LOT. But most of all, I am thankful to have you and to know you. And I am thankful that Dodi will get to do the same.

Halloween 2006 014.jpg

Yes, that is your Dodi dressed up as a pumpkin, just like you. This is an annual occurrence to the point that the kids in her neighborhood call her “The Pumpkin Lady”. We just call her waaaay too into Halloween.

Month Four. Done.



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5 Responses to “Mighty Mighty Benjamite: Month Four”

  1. John Says:

    Wonderful entry!!!! 🙂 I am SOOOOO happy that you got to write this entry instead of the really hard one. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and you sure have a lot to be thankful for this year!!!!

  2. Em Says:

    Love the pics! WOW! I never noticed how EXACTLY The Swimmy looks like her Dad. I am SO glad your mother is doing well. What a happy Thanksgiving for your family, or a relief at the very least. Congrats. And enjoy a drumstick, Woman — you deserve it.

  3. bill Says:

    I gotta get me a “quack” bib!

  4. Judy Says:

    p.s. devilled eggs & chocolate pecan pie too

  5. Sara Says:

    Love the pictures — your mother is beautiful! Best to you — glad things are looking up.
    He doesn’t look too happy with that mush, best of luck on the sleeping, too.