Someone’s gonna have to explain this one to me

November 5, 2006



So, my mom has had to go back to the hospital – again. She’s got some mystery infection that is causing problems and they advised my folks to go back to the hospital so that an infectious disease person can evaluate her and run some tests. It seems that even though her white cell count has come back, there’s still some strange bug her immune system still can’t fight, so she’s got this 101 fever that is causing some concern. Plus, she feels like ass. And both have got to stop.


Off to the hospital (again!) and sitting in the ER – always fun on a Sunday. They finally get her into a room some six hours later and get her settled. Because it’s a Sunday, she gets to see the infectious disease person, but her regular oncologist and ENT are unavailable because they are not on call.

In walks the guy covering for her oncologist. We’ll call him Dr. Cocksucker. ‘Cause I’m feeling generous tonight.

Dr. Cocksucker appeared to be a good doctor for the first five minutes of his six minute visit. It wasn’t until the last minute when he let his inordinately ignorant self show.

“Well, you know, they are making great strides with multiple myeloma. Doesn’t really matter where you’re being treated, most folks are living five years these days. But never ten.”

My dad said you could see my mom’s spirit just get crushed. Why on G-d’s green earth would you EVER say something like that to a patient?! Osler is probably rolling over in his grave.

First do no harm, motherfucker. Remember THAT one?

Let us review.

My folks have been traveling back and forth to Little Rock, Arkansas for almost a year now because THOSE folks are getting results in treatment and are committed to a cure. It has been unbearable lonely and difficult for both of them.

My mom is g-ddamned tired of being sick.

My dad is g-ddamned tired of her being sick.

She has been (pay attention now, Doc,) DISEASE FREE since her second chemotherapy round. DISEASE. FREE. That’s SIX MONTHS.

How dare you bring such negative statements into a room of a patient who is being treated at your hospital NOT for myeloma – but for a sinus infection problem.

How dare you undermine all the work the doctors have done AND all the work my parents have done to this day.

How dare you treat a patient no differently than you would a lab rat. What if it was YOUR family member lying there?

My dad doesn’t have the time or energy to address this with the physician, his practice and the hospital. He’s too busy trying to pull my mom out of a lovely depression caused by this guy.

But I do. And I’ll be there tomorrow. 11:30am. Strap in.

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10 Responses to “Someone’s gonna have to explain this one to me”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Amen! And G-d bless you for taking action against that stupid, inconsiderate man.
    P.S. Thanks for documenting your mom’s treatment. I lost a grandfather to multiple myeloma, long before there was reasonable treatment for the disease. It is a blessing to hear that significant strides have been made – and that one less family has to endure what our family did. May Heaven continue to smile on you and yours.

  2. jen Says:

    Wow. Cocksucker indeed.
    And? My Mom went to the hospital today too, second time this weekend. Not sure what is wrong. Mysterious dizzyness and nausea…which causes her not to eat, which fucks with her diabetes. Ugh.
    Thinking vertigo, but no one seems to be sure….

  3. Brony Says:

    Okay, that is terrible and very uncalled for. People really don’t think.
    I would have taken him into the hallway and given him a what for.
    I hope your mom is doing okay.

  4. John Says:

    I have found your journal, mostly by accident. But find it interesting and hope you don’t mind me reading.

  5. John Says:

    I have found your journal, mostly by accident. But find it interesting and hope you don’t mind me reading.

  6. Sara Says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry. What is that? Something very similar happened to my husband’s mom — the doctor told her that she didn’t have a chance against her cancer. What an ass! I hope you can “get through to them,” so to speak. This is not what anyone needs, at any point. Best of luck & sending good thoughts your way!

  7. Chris Says:

    Doctors just like the rest of us can be asshats. The problem is they should really keep their mouths shut about crap like that.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys.

  8. dee Says:

    When my mom was beginning her treatments for her second round of breast cancer she had a doctor that did a similar thing. It was devastating for her. Fortunately, enough family and friends convinced her to go elsewhere and she found doctors who were very encouraging and lifted her spirits quite a bit.
    I hope your mom gets to feeling better soon and doesn’t take the words of Dr. Cocksucker to heart.

  9. Sylvia Says:

    Oh. My. G-d.
    Oh. My. G-d.
    Give him hell. And when you’re done, give him some more. And when you’re done, call me, and I’ll give him hell twice.
    I absolutely, positively cannot believe he said that to your mother. I’m sitting here completely PO’d right now on behalf of you and your entire family.
    My father was diagnosed with terminal, stage IV lung cancer 5 years ago. Although it will be 5 years since he passed this coming February, I can honestly say that there was a difference in his attitude and desire to fight once he met with a doctor who was willing to show him he COULD fight. How dare that doctor even THINK of saying something like that to your mom?! Attitude is everything!!
    Seriously. Do you need backup? I’ll drive down and punch that guy in the mouth. Bastard.

  10. jet Says:

    Let’s just send Jimmy and his boyz – enuf said……….
    I hope your mom is doing better. As always you and yours are in my prayers.