Down Home Cookin'

November 4, 2006


My Aunt Judy asked that I write about a food that has caused riots between my brother and I on certain holidays…Deviled Eggs.

Yeah, we’re classy like that.

My (maternal) grandmother makes these little wonders of culinary delight. And if you ask her for the recipe, you’ll get an answer as clear as the reason Arizona doesn’t participate in Daylights Savings Time. Because, quite simply, there is no recipe. She just throws stuff together, never the same things or same amounts. And they’re always delicious.

I’m sure my arteries years from now will tell that story far better than I will.

When Judy made this unbelievably insane request for a post about Deviled Eggs, I thought this was going to be hard. And, perhaps, she had gotten into the vodka again. But, as I considered it, it occurred to me that everyone has a Deviled Egg in their family.

We all have some food or dish that, on the surface, may seem ridiculous that it’s so popular or anticipated at family event, but in reality is the stuff memories are built on.

Husband will tell stories of getting ready for Passover dinner at his grandmother, Nana’s, house and the “boys” fighting over the burnt end of the chateaubriand. They always lost because his grandfather, Botsie, was going to get it. Period. At least while he was alive. He will also tell you that even after he died, the boys waited a few years before beginning the quest for the end.

So, I have Deviled Eggs and Husband has burnt up meat. What’s yours? And what’s the story behind it?

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7 Responses to “Down Home Cookin'”

  1. jen Says:

    Hee. Posting it on my blog right now…GREAT post!!

  2. bill Says:

    Shallots. Let’s see what’s that code…

  3. Sara Says:

    I can’t think of a food right now, but there were some great jokes at the dinner table.
    Now I want some of those eggs! Does your grandmother have one of those nifty plates made especially for deviled eggs?

  4. Em Says:

    Hmmm. Definitely “Hanky Pankies”. Not sure if you know what it is … it’s basically 1 # ground beef, browned with 1 # pork sausage, and 1 # Velveeta Cheese. Then, you spread onto the small party rye bread slices and bake for about 20 minutes @ 350. They are warm and cheesy and delicious!
    Thanks for bringing it up … now I want some.
    My husband and I once had a Deviled Egg competition in which we made our own recipe and had his friend taste test. Mine was the traditional deviled egg, while he added all sorts of Cayenne Pepper and spicy stuff … I liked mine better, but his won. Bastard!

  5. Chris Says:

    Same with my wife’s family. I’ve seen violence almost break out.

  6. Sylvia Says:

    Mmmm….Deviled Eggs!!
    Sorry. Got sidetracked.
    As far as my extended family goes, there’s nothing that we fight over per se. When I was little my parents and I would scrap for the bubbly brown cheese at the top of the mac & cheese casserole.

  7. Stacey Says:

    Well, I always love my Uncle Martin’s Rice Pilaf, although I am lucky he gave me the recipe. I never make it, only on Christmas Eve, when I got to eat it at his house.