Not Arrested

October 30, 2006


What? I failed to mention there’s a warrant out for my arrest?


There is.

Remember when THIS happened? And I was so thrilled? Right. Well, I kind of haven’t really addressed the consequences of this little annoyance and I got a nice little card in my mail the other day that may have said there might be a warrant out for my arrest.


Did I also mention that during the time the Mighty Mighty Benjamite appeared, my drivers license expired? And I also have not really addressed that as well?



So, The Swimmy and I were driving home yesterday and I seemed to have rolled through a stop sign in my neighborhood. I don’t remember doing it, but it appears Officer Horowitz (I shit you not) feels I did not come to a full and complete stop.

(I hate that phrase. It’s redundant.)

All I kept thinking was he’s gonna see my license is expired and call in my driver’s license number and realize that I am, in fact, a criminal of the highest order and must therefore be thrown in the county slammer leaving the Swimmy to be picked up by Husband while he arranges bail money for me. (Hopefully)

But! Here’s news! My warrant is actually in another county. AND! These counties don’t seem to collaborate on their criminal behavior tracking. SO!

I got a warning.

Yep. Your tax dollars at work. Carry on.

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