Mighty Mighty Benjamite: Month Three

October 16, 2006


Dear Benjamin,

Well, we are marking Month Three in a way that is not so celebratory. Or attractive. You got your first raging head cold this month. In fact, you are suffering from it right now. I’m thinking your latest nickname ought to change immediately to the Mighty Mighty Benjasnot, ‘cause that’s what you are all about these days.

Like most things in your little life, you are handling it with your typical easy-going attitude. The only thing that is truly upsetting to you through this whole ordeal is when you burp after eating – it causes some awful combination of burp -> cough -> sneeze -> fart that inevitably leads to gag -> spit up everything you just ate. All. Over. Me. Yep, motherhood is soooo glamorous. It’s a good thing you’re cute sometimes.

In better times, you have become truly entertaining this month. You laugh and smile at people (especially your biggest fan, The Swimmy) and genuinely have a good time. You continue to talk to your “ladies” in our vintage liquor posters – it appears your pimp hand is still strong.

Benjamite: Month Three

You love all things linear and have discovered the joy of fans, air conditioning return vents and the slats on our wood blinds. You’ve also caught sight of your foot on occasion. You haven’t figured out it’s YOURS yet, but I’m sure that will come soon enough.

No one can figure out who you look like, and I’m beginning to think you are some genetic jigsaw puzzle that will take years to figure out. Your hair is still blonde, your eyes are still blue, and I have managed to convince Daddy all that we aren’t the victims of baby switching with baby pictures of myself with blonde hair and blue eyes. If it wasn’t for his / your schnoz, we’d be working with the authorities right about now.

One of your favorite things to do each day is help tuck The Swimmy into bed. We go into her room and the two of you lie on her pillow and snuggle while we say prayers and the rest of our bed time rituals. You have the best time looking at her and all the pinkness in her room – and she loves that you come to be with her. She gets sad on the nights you fall asleep before she does and can’t do this. The good times you guys have together just make my heart explode.

You are a wonderful tiny blessing to us, little man. Thanks for starting to stretch out your sleep, your smiles and bright eyes and for bringing a smile to our faces each day. We love you.

Month three. Done.



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One Response to “Mighty Mighty Benjamite: Month Three”

  1. stephanie Says:

    I love that little tongue sticking out! So cute!