And just for the record, I’m clairvoyant

October 10, 2006


Remember this? How I predicted this would be an issue? Well, I WAS RIGHT.


Maria was off yesterday for the birth of her grandchild. This was a known event, scheduled way in advance and we made the appropriate arrangements around it to accommodate her. Because we’re nice people.

Know when nice ends? When you get a phone call at 9:37 that night from a friend of her family saying the baby still hadn’t been born yet, it could be one or two in the morning, and would it be a problem if she didn’t come until Wednesday?


It would be a problem that I have TTTHHHIIISSSS much work to do. And this work needs to be accomplished outside my house. And while Benjamite is very cute, bringing him to meetings is really not a good answer.

It is quite possible I sounded like a raving bitch to this woman I don’t know on the phone. In fact, I believe my exact words were, “Oh, my G-d! YES! It is problem! Is she not going to be in at ALL tomorrow?! Dear (Husband)? Do YOU have any thoughts on this?!”

The woman was surprisingly silent.

But, what are we gonna say? No?

(I’d’ve liked to say no)

Understand, this started at 5am yesterday – she was supposed to be induced. If it’s 9:37pm and that kid hasn’t arrived yet, YOUR DOCTOR SUCKS!

Husband thinks the kid was born, but she didn’t want to come into work. I’d never thought of that, but I’m starting to buy into his conspiracy theory. ‘Cause I’m hateful like that today.

I’m thinking Husband will need to be the one to let her in the house tomorrow morning. I have no poker face in these instances and I’m liable to go batshit upon seeing her.

*slams shot glass on counter*

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