Mighty Mighty Benjamite: Month Two

September 12, 2006


Dear Benjamite,

Well, it’s been a helluva month, little dude. Somewhere around Week Six your tummy decided to wage a revolution on you and all who live with you. I clearly made a huge mistake assuming that a baby that starts out “easy” stays “easy”. And for that we were all severely punished. My apologies.

However, we got that under control with the clever use of pharmaceuticals. Since then, you have eaten as if food was leaving the earth at any moment and now resemble a future linebacker for The University of Texas as opposed to the little tiny newborn you were a month ago.

Because of this obsession with eating, you haven’t slept as well (ahem, long) as Daddy and I would hope you could. But! We figured something out that made it all better. You love footie pajamas. I would have never guessed that. How could I? Living in the South when it’s 107 degrees outside and you think you might spontaneously combust at any moment without air conditioning doesn’t exactly logically scream “long sleeves, long pants with feet AND a blanket” as comfortable. But? I was wrong. Daddy has since cranked the air down even colder at night to where we all may have perpetual runny noses, but YOU, my friend, are sleeping. And for that? I’ll blow my nose.

Your older sister got married this month and you now have a very cool brother-in-law. And as a wedding present to us all, you slept FIVE HOURS IN A ROW. Bless you. No, really. BLESS YOU.

You have discovered that you like your swing that you used to rage against as well as your bouncy seat. And we’ve discovered that you like swinging at break-neck speed and bouncing as if your head may pop off. I have no idea where that came from, but if it’s any indication of an interest in anything that could show up in the X Games, you can just stop that immediately.

Month Two Mosaic

You continue to be completely enamored with watching your big sister, The Swimmy, and she thinks that’s the coolest thing ever. And we’ve also discovered that if you can simultaneously watch her AND stare at our vintage liquor posters your little heart may pop out of your chest with excitement. You also have a strange interest in anything that resembles a bar. Most recently, you love to spend time in our bathroom and “talk” to the towel bars. I don’t get it, but enjoy.

Thanks for hanging in there with me and Daddy as we fumble our way through trying to remember what each month, stage and noise mean. We are sometimes really stupid, but we mean well, and we love you.

Month Two. Done.



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