In Which I Sound Like a Spoiled Bitch Who Complains About a Privledge

September 11, 2006


People, I have an issue with my nanny, Maria. Actually, I’m starting to have several. And I will go ahead and say upfront that I recognize complaining about a situation that others wish they had is ridiculous and pretentious. G-d knows if the situation were reversed I’d have some choice words.

That being said…

Originally, we wanted our nanny to arrive Sunday night after dinner so that getting The Swimmy ready for school, me ready for work, and Benjamite’s unknown eating schedule all done simultaneously wouldn’t be an issue. We since accepted Maria’s need to arrive at 7am Monday morning and tried to manage it.

Except she’s been late, which is not always her issue – traffic, weather and accidents happen.

But, she hasn’t called until 7:25am to say she’s going to be late.

And I’ve had to wake up a sleeping baby to cart him with me to take The Swimmy to school.

And I’m still pissed about it.


We knew when we hired her that her English speaking skills left something to be desired. But I brushed up on my Spanish and we were doing just fine.

Until I decided I was working waaaay too hard to communicate.

And we had a fire.

And I realized that in an emergency, communication will be an issue.

And Benjamite can communicate on his own.

And I’m still freaked out about that realization.

Further further.

I am a fairly rational person. When the fire happened, I yelled two times. Once to Maria, so she would come to the kitchen to see what was going on, and once to The Swimmy so I would know where she was and get her out of the house with Maria and Benjamite. After that, I calmly called 911, told them what was happening, got Maria, the kids and the dog out of the house and met them out there while trying to check to see the fire was dying down.

I did not panic. Maria did. And I can understand that – it’s not every day you are involved in a fire.

Except when the snake appeared on my back patio, she panicked again.

And ran to call her husband.

And it’s occurred to me I don’t like how she reacts in urgent situations.

And that coupled with the language and the lateness is enough to make me start disliking my privileged situation.

Lastly further.

Today she showed up (on time) and said she has a toothache and needs to get it pulled. But she won’t go until Saturday because she needs to work.

Anyone ever had a tooth that waited for an appointment to come up? Right. I’m figuring it ought to abcess or explode somewhere around Tuesday or Wednesday (when Husband goes out of town and I have lots o’ work to do).

And her daughter is pregnant. Not usually a big deal, yes?

Except her daughter is very young, married and highly dependent on her mother.

Who she calls 6 times a day.

And talks to every evening after Maria is done with the kids.

I’m guessing her inexperience and dependence will become a major issue when the baby is born. One month from now.

And so, I’m thinking I have one month to make a change.

And the clock starts today.

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5 Responses to “In Which I Sound Like a Spoiled Bitch Who Complains About a Privledge”

  1. Hootie Says:

    While I don’t have a maid, you certainly won’t hear me complaining about your issues with her.
    The fact is that you pay this woman to do a service in your house. And that service involves your children a great deal. If she’s not working out, you have every right to find someone who can do the job the way you want it done.
    I’m sending you tons of (((Good Nanny))) vibes and hope you can find one soon.

  2. meleahrebeccah Says:

    Fire her… sounds like she is more WORK than HELP

  3. dee Says:

    It definitely sounds like it is time for a new nanny search. As I have learned, finding the right person to care for your kids is probably the most difficult thing a parent ever has to do. I’m currently doing a search myself for temporary child care while my usual day care provider has her own baby and takes a few weeks off. Not fun at all. Good luck to you. I hope you find the perfect replacement!

  4. Chris Says:

    I think you have some really legitimate concerns. You’re the mom. Go with your gut.

  5. Em Says:

    Ditto to all that is said above!! Never take chances when your kids are concerned … and what if Swimmy falls (God forbid) and breaks an arm … will Maria freak out and call her husband, or will she have the calm nature to tend to your daughter and handle the situation? Things to ponder! 🙂 Good luck.