And G-d created Prevacid. And it was good. And on the 3rd day we ALL slept.

August 31, 2006



*blows dust off of keyboard*

So, HI! Now that I can see again, I can update you on the gloriousness that is modern pharmaceuticals. On Day Two of AcidWatch 2006, I thought I might kill someone. I had plans. And a weapon picked out. And even an outfit. But then, like a miracle from all that is good and holy, the shit kicked into gear on Day Three.

(I also might have read a book about infant sleeping habits and immediately instituted a few minor changes that may or may not have been helpful but we’re sticking to it ‘cause it’s working, people!)

The difference is so damn amazing that Husband and I were downright giddy. I might have giggled. At 6:30am. Liquor free.

I washed my car.

I know that sounds (a) silly, (b) like it has absolutely no relevance to this story and, (c) like you are the victim of bad literary transitions, but, NO! ‘Tis a milestone! Not so much on the infant developmental scale, but certainly on the “I can function like a responsible adult again” chart it ranks way high.

I had the energy to do something that had nothing to do with food, safety or shelter. Merely vanity. (Which I totally think should be a Mazlow category, but that’s another post.)

Now, I might be tempting the parenting gods here, but today was a good day. And all signs point to another good night. And if it is true, I’m gonna buy stock in whatever company manufactures Prevacid.

‘Cause those folk got mad skillz. And I love them.

So, I’m more rested, can update and do vain things, but I can’t seem to get any Benjamite pictures up for you to gawk over. More cuteness to be posted tomorrow. Until then, good night, my friends!

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2 Responses to “And G-d created Prevacid. And it was good. And on the 3rd day we ALL slept.”

  1. Julie Says:

    Prevasid and sleep are both incredible. 🙂
    Love your blog. Have read a while, but just commented now that I have my own.

  2. Hootie Says:

    Wait a minute… you actually washed your car??
    You’re way ahead of me on functioning like a responsible adult again!! And, it’s bad cuz your littlest is still really little and mine is almost 3!!