The Swimmy goes to Kindergarten and Benjamite gets a name

August 23, 2006


Well, SnakeWatch 2006 continues.

But! Before we were completely freaked out by Snakes On The Porch, we had a very big couple of days around here.

First, the Mighty Mighty Benjamite got blessed and his Hebrew name this weekend. It was a lovely ceremony filled with friends and family and Husband and I almost got through our remarks without crying. He behaved (!!) amazingly well – he was either sleeping, eating, or looking around the whole time.

May he always be so easy-going. And let us say, Amen. Here are some pics of baby-Swimmy goodness. And the folks that love them.

Naming Mosaic

Next! The Swimmy started Kindergarten on Monday. She bolted out of bed at 6:30am and threw her clothes on. She came racing into our bedroom asking when (for the love of G-d!!) are we leaving to go to her new school?!!!

I was a total mom-dork and took pictures of her outside her new school, but we had a small scientific screw-up with the camera. You see, I live in the most air conditioned part of the country. Seriously.

But when you take something chilled by air conditioning and stick it out in the awful humidity of the early morning you get, uh, fog. So, my pics are a little, uh, foggy. The camera recovered once we got inside, but so much for “capturing the moment”!

She was awesome. I could tell she was a little nervous, but not terribly. We marched into the school and she went right to her classroom. We met one of her tablemates (who had NOTHING to say and prompted The Swimmy to ask why she was so shy), put her backpack away, and she turned and said (not surprisingly), “Okay, Mommy! Bye!”

And that was that.

As I walked out of her room, there were a ton of parents “hovering” just in case their precious one got upset or freaked out. I breezed past them, grinning. But as I walked out of the school to my car, I might have had a little lump in my throat thinking about her next six years here.

But that passed. And it was just another Monday. Except for the snakes.

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One Response to “The Swimmy goes to Kindergarten and Benjamite gets a name”

  1. mamacita tina Says:

    Your kids are adorable! Wow, kindergarten…when the days comes, I hope I’m as solid as you. Well done!