My Own Private Project Runway

August 15, 2006


All that’s missing is Tim, my current gay crush. But that’s a different post.

So! I went to see my seamstress who is working on my fabulouso dress for OldestDaughter and TheBoy’s wedding. The project had been “on hold” for awhile due to this other project of mine. Hard to fit a dress with a basketball in the way.

But! The time has come to get back on track. Today was the final muslin fitting. Here is a pic of the muslin on me before some final adjustments. (Note: the dress will be full length when finished – this was just to get the draping / seams right.) It’s kind of an empire-waisted, greek goddess thing I got going on.

blog pics 008.jpg

And here, my gentle snowflakes, is the fuschia-colored, 4-ply silk all this drapiness will be made of, as well as the fabric for the awesome ribbon and sparkle embroidered sash that will tie around my (now much smaller) waist. (There’s a grey table underneath, so it’s hard to tell that the sash is a lovely limey-green color – but it’s so pretty live.)

blog pics 007.jpg

All I need now is to finalize what the sparkles will look like hanging from my ears and wrists, and we’re good to go.

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One Response to “My Own Private Project Runway”

  1. stephanie Says:

    Oooh… fun stuff! I’ve never had a dress made just for me. I do, unfortunately, need to go get an uncomfortable, stiff bridesmaid dress fitted sometime in the next two weeks. Ick.
    (I can’t even blame the bride for this one though… her two short, slightly overweight sisters who are the other bridesmaids got to choose the dress. It probably looks good on them, but not so flattering on 5’7″, relatively thin me.)