I’m beginning to think a drug induced haze is preferable to reality

August 2, 2006


The Swimmy is officially starting Kindergarten on August 21st. This Friday is her KinderCamp – or where she goes to meet her teachers, drop off her school supplies and see her classroom. It is also the moment I will lose my shit.

Let me explain.

It’s not the whole “OH MY G-D my baby is leaving to go to school – she’s growing up so fast!? Bwaaaah….” kind of thing. Nope. She’s been in school for awhile now and I’m totally fine with her independence and spending the day with friends and, uh, learning.

However. Now she will be at an elementary school. With other kids. Other OLDER kids. Including fifth graders – who are 11. And way too grown up for 11 year olds. I’ve spent an awful lot of time keeping Britney, Paris and the like out of my house and out of her wardrobe. And now I feel like I’m going to war – if only to fight for her childhood.

I’m completely freaked out at the thought of her mingling with 5th graders. Granted, my choice of vocabulary is not for the lighthearted sometimes, but I really have no interest in The Swimmy learning these words at the age of five… and you know she will.

And so, the time has come for me to be “that mom” – who is involved and aware at the school. Who will be “bad cop” more often than good. Who will be the loan parent voice amongst her peers that says, “You are welcome to go play at [Name’s] house once I meet her parents.” Or that simply says, “No.”

It makes me tired to think about it. And I think I just got another grey hair. Well, THAT I can do something about – next Thursday.

So, tell me – what will YOU do for your child as they go through the world these days?

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4 Responses to “I’m beginning to think a drug induced haze is preferable to reality”

  1. Em Says:

    It’s posts like this that make me feel so blessed to only have to worry about my puppy humping other dogs. If I had children, or was even planning on having kids, this problem would rule my world! I tell the husband all the time that if we had kids, I would move us to the woods somewhere where they can play with paper dolls and wear braids until they die. I’m sure you will do fine, though … whether you realize it or not, you’ve got the perfect perception of the world and how to exist in it, in a relatively sane fashion. 🙂

  2. Sara Says:

    For us, I think the lack of t.v. and other media will help guide us. We listen to NPR, but there’s no t.v. news. Eventually, she’ll see some movies and Sesame Street. Our girl is girly, but we want to encourage a positive body image so we won’t be buying dolls that are scantily clan and/or simply focus unrelistic beauty standards. I also believe our spiritual practice is important.
    On the “my baby is growing up front,” I know I’m going to be freaked out for kindergarten — when looking at the “welcome” information for our daughter’s (toddler) montessori program, both my husband and I were tearing up. She’ll be fine, there, and so will we… I guess we’ll just have to address issues as they come up and do the best to prepare her.

  3. stephanie Says:

    Wow, the world sure has changed in the 21 years since I was in kindergarten! No one dressed all slutty-like until the middle school years (and we talked about how dirty those girls were behind their back 🙂 and I was pretty much oblivious to the fact that curse words even existed until I was at least in 4th grade.
    Is there a lot of interaction between the grades at the Swimmy’s school? I know in our elementary school (again, years ago), the only interaction would have been on the bus, so I guess if I was in your situation, I’d end up driving my kids to school. I think the school bus was always the sketchiest part of the day anyway, with all the kids jumping around, and the fights, and the complete lack of adult supervision over 50+ kids.

  4. jen Says:

    With a little one the way, I have a lot of the same fears..
    I guess being involved is the best way to combat any negatives. I am with you on everything you said, especially the part about knowing the other kids parents and such. My Mom NEVER let me spend any length of time with kids unless she knew their parents. At the time it was embarrassing, but being embarrassed was better than being abused..or worse.
    Too many parents have their heads up their asses. You do not. And one day Swimmy will realize just how wonderful that was for her.
    You do what yah gotta, when yah gotta, whether she likes it or not! It is not always easy, and they may not alway like you for it, but they WILL love you for it and that is what matters!