14 Days and a Lifting Haze

August 1, 2006


Dear Benjamin,

Well, two weeks ago, you arrived in a fit of crying and me lying around partially drugged.

Not much has changed.

While your entrance to this world has been easier than your sister’s, the aftermath for me has been, to say the least, a disaster. You showed up already on a four-hour schedule with a sweet disposition and we couldn’t have been more surprised – or pleased. The only thing we’re fighting these days is that your little brain has mixed up day and night. And really? Mommy and Daddy have very little interest in playing at 3:37am. So, let’s work on that.

I am just now starting to feel like a member of the human race again – and that adventure has involved three trips to the hospital – two in the middle of the night and one to the ER – and many, many pain meds that make me feel, well, a bit disconnected. You and I haven’t really had a chance to get to know each other and that made me kinda sad.

But that started to change last night. Last night was the first night I started stepping down the pain meds. You and I spend every four hours last night doing the whole feed – burp — poop – change – rock – cuddle – sleep routine. And while burping last night you lifted your little head straight up, looked me straight in the eye, opened your mouth and planted the wettest, messiest “kiss” on the side of my face. And then proceeded to rest your tired little head on my cheek. Every time you had to burp.

And so, the haze is lifting. And that’s where we’ll begin, you and I.

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5 Responses to “14 Days and a Lifting Haze”

  1. Hula Doula Says:

    It sounds as if the bonding is going well. Enjoy. I must admit that reading this takes me back to when my children were babies. That was only 9 and 4 years ago. Occasionally I miss those days. I don’t miss the getting up every few hours, but I miss the sweetness of holding a bundle the size of a loaf of bread and knowing that our love helped create this masterpiece of a person. *sigh Hopefully you get some good rest. Enjoy.

  2. Tina Says:

    So sweet. As hard as those days were, I miss them, especially as I stand here looking at a long-legged independent little boy screaming “I DO IT MY SELFS!!”

  3. jen Says:


  4. Chris Says:

    I hope the haze continues to lift and you can start enjoying each other more!

  5. Judy Says:

    And Great Aunt and Great Uncle have fallen head over heels for you Little Benjamin. Please give Swimmy a huge kiss from us.