I must have missed the fashionable gowns and powdered eggs…

July 22, 2006


…because last night I got to go BACK to the hospital. Yes, that’s right! I enjoyed my stay at Casa Medical so much that somewhere around 12:30am, it was time to go back.

A day and a half after I finally got home.

I had been having a strange pain up under my lower ribcage on my right side all day and during one of LittleMan’s nightly feedings, it just seemed to get a whole lot worse. The pain not only escalated a bit, but began to radiate across my upper abdomen and across my diaphragm area. Add a little nausea and I became, well, concerned. So, I called my OB’s practice just to ask if I really should be concerned.

The OB on call did her best to try to ask all the pertinent questions to get to a reason why this might be happening that made sense, but we couldn’t come up with any answer that removed the following possibility: blood clot. So, we had no choice but to pack up and head back down to the hospital to get it checked out.

*Commence Freak Out Launch Program Here*

I called my dad and asked him to come over to be here with Maria and the Swimmy just in case. Then I woke up Maria (who was kind enough to stay here this weekend with us) to tell her what was going on – in broken Spanish with tears and sniffles. I’m not sure what she understood, but she did know she was needed and completely stepped up to help my dad (who is not so comfortable with the diaper changing / baby management stuff). She was terrific and we have made a wonderful nanny choice.

Off to the hospital we go, my breasts completely engorged and I’ve got no bra on to “secure” them. I felt every pebble in the road, or, more appropriately, my breasts did. But that was the least of my concerns.

Blood clot.

Two words that turn any post-surgical patient’s skin inside out. The silence in the car was palpable. We talked about stupid things to fill it. We took turns stating (out loud), “I’m sure it’s nothing.” But it was more than a little unnerving.

Luckily it wasn’t a blood clot. We avoided that bullet. But we did find out my blood pressure had continued to stay high (more about that when Benjamin’s Birth Story gets written) and a few of the results from the blood work had come back slightly elevated. Bullet two: preeclampsia and all the complications of high blood pressure.

Did you know that you can develop preeclampsia postpartum? Yeah, me neither. And that was the fear. So, more needles, more tests and, just for fun, a catheter. Woo! Good times.

Long story short (too late)… I hung out at the hospital to be monitored for several long hours. Around 4am a very sleepy Husband went back to check on Swimmy, Maria and relieve my dad – and when I was given the “All Clear” came back to get me around 10:30am. Long day.

Needless to say, we are all very tired. But, as I told Husband today, it was as if we all had some kind of breakthrough moment. Husband got to spend some serious time with his LittleMan, Swimmy had to rely on Maria for her needs and trust that she would be okay, Maria’s compassion and skills were put to a non-intentional test and she showed trustworthiness, lovingness and capability, and Husband and I were reminded how much we love each other and how much we value our life together. Not that we needed reminding.

This past week has been a wild ride. You guys have left such nice comments and sent such warm emails and for that I thank you very much. I apologize for not responding to them all, but know that I read them all and appreciate them very much. I need to get my “blog legs” back under me (and stop going to the hospital) and then I promise to be back in the game. G-d bless — Pammer

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6 Responses to “I must have missed the fashionable gowns and powdered eggs…”

  1. jen Says:

    Yikes. I am glad that you are ok now!!!
    And don’t you dare apologize for not responding to emails you silly…you just had a baby!!! I am sure everyone understands, and if they don’t, well….
    *hands on hips* … pppsshhh.

  2. knighton Says:

    So glad to hear you’re alright. But really, blogging with a newborn & a medical emergency? You must be SuperWoman!
    Get lots of fluids and plenty of rest! 😉

  3. bill Says:

    You have a huge support network. Let them do the work. Remember delegate? Now’s the time.
    I’ve had that ride with kidney stones. Go faster! No, stop! DON’T STOP! FasterSlower. AreWeThereYet? Red lights are OPTIONAL! Are you aiming for every crack in the road? You did this to me! No? Well, you would have if you could have!
    And so it went.

  4. Mindy Says:

    Yikes. I am sorry for all your troubles. I hope things finally start falling into place for you. Try to rest and drink plenty of fluids. It sounds like you are in good hands. Take care.

  5. Hazel Hazel Says:

    Wowie. So happy that everything is ok. And that each of the ‘tests’ were passed with flying colors. Hang in there, things WILL get easier!

  6. Sara Says:

    So, so glad to hear that you are okay, and that you made a good nanny choice. Hope you can get some good rest soon!