A post! Filled with blogging crutches like pictures, bullets and lists! Because the hospital sucks your creativity almost as much as a desk job.

July 21, 2006


Hi, Webosphere! Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. I, uh, had a baby. A little early. And was kept hostage in a hospital. And being on pain meds while blogging could have been cool, but I was too stoned to know it. I will tell you my not so interesting birth story another time because it is not filled with drama, has very little humor, and really? is kinda boring. Except for the obvious payoff.

And now! Without further adieu! Things that have happened since Monday.

Things that are scarier than the thought of labor (which I have never done):

  • Anesthesia. More specifically a spinal. That took three times to get in. Because a goofy-ass resident was allowed to try first.
  • A charming anesthesiologist who kept calling me “Sweetheart”. That I wanted to punch.
  • Night shift nurses.
  • Gas pains that are so awful I thought I was having an embellism and, perhaps, dying. No, I was sure of it.
  • Beef bourguignon on my hospital food tray.
  • Things I no longer need hallelujah and thanks to all that is good and holy:

    blog pics 004.jpg

    Things I will never need again:

    blog pics 005.jpg

    Things that have made me laugh since Monday:

  • Breaking the cardinal rule of baby boys: Never leave a penis unattended. He peed on himself last night at 3:30am. A lovely backwards arch with a bullseye right on his forehead. We were so proud.
  • The look on his face when he made his first “real” bowel movement. It was kinda like, “Hey? What is that? And is that gonna keep happening?!”
  • My OB walking in two mornings later and saying, “Hi! Want me to circ your kid today?” Sure! Whack it off, man.
  • Things that made my heart explode since Monday:


    Benjamn and leah3.jpg

    Innernet, this is Benjamin, heretofore known as LittleMan. He was 6lbs, 7oz and 19.5 inches long. He has blonde hair (WTF?), blue-green eyes and his daddy’s nose.

    And this is his story.

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    8 Responses to “A post! Filled with blogging crutches like pictures, bullets and lists! Because the hospital sucks your creativity almost as much as a desk job.”

    1. Hazel Hazel Says:

      Absolutely beautiful picture. Could she be any prouder of her baby brother?

    2. Sara Says:

      So happy to see the update — cuteness and love exploding! Love the name! Best wishes…

    3. jen Says:

      Aaawww!!! What a wonderful photo!! Congrats again! I am sooooo jealous! Hah…
      Welcome to the World, Little Man!
      *eats more tums and keeps swollen feet UP *

    4. Beth Says:

      They are both so lovely.

    5. stephanie Says:

      Thanks for the update… what a great photo of the two of them! She looks so happy to be a big sis.

    6. Em Says:

      Ugh, thank God! I was dying to know that all was well (of course, I assumed it was … but a post just ices the cake).
      Benjamin is a beautiful name (I would name my kid that if I were ever to have one) and I can’t wait to see more pics! Hope you are recovering well. Know you’re so swamped with family and pain and sleep and playing with LittleMan … but do keep us nosies updated. 🙂

    7. Kelly Says:

      You had a BABY!!!!
      I know I am late on the uptake…
      But he is soooo cute!!!

    8. mominprogress Says:

      They are the most adorable two kids 🙂 Congrats on the family addition.