How to go into labor – secrets revealed

July 17, 2006


1. Put stroller together.

2. Still be unprepared at home.

3. Have really awesome lunch plans at fabulous restaurant.

4. Have important business meetings and make sure your Husband does too.

Yep. He’s here! Pics and story to follow, but he’s 6lbs, 7oz and 19.5 inches long.

And, yes, he already grounded.

ps. blogging while under the influence of pain meds is HARD.

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18 Responses to “How to go into labor – secrets revealed”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Can’t wait to see pics. Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. dee Says:

    Congratulations! I sure didn’t expect to see that today! Can’t wait to see the little man! Is the Swimmy enjoying her new baby brother?

  3. Hazel Hazel Says:

    WOO HOOOO!!!!!! Congratulations! Can’t wait for pictures!

  4. jen Says:

    Whoah! Holy CRAP!!
    Wow. That was FAST !!! Damn!
    Can’t wait to see him…eeeeeee!!!!

  5. Em Says:

    OH my goodness! 🙂
    It seems he agrees with you on getting the hell out of that oven! Enjoy, enjoy! But send pics … then enjoy!
    Hug the Swimmy, God love her!

  6. Leslie Says:

    Congrats Congrats…
    A new baby boy. So precious. Can’t wait for photos.

  7. stephanie Says:

    Wow, I certainly wasn’t expecting to see that today! Can’t wait for pics!!!
    (Maybe he was just trying to point out to the doc that you were right after all…)

  8. bill Says:

    oh, oh, oh! If this is writer’s licence…
    Really, no kidding?
    All I can say is Welcome William!

  9. Laurie Says:

    Yeah yeah yeah! Much Congrats to you! Can’t wait for details and to hear all about the little one.

  10. Chas Says:


  11. Beth Says:

    Hooray! Pictures!

  12. Chris Says:

    Congratulation!! Wonderful news…glad everyone’s well 🙂

  13. R. Robyn Says:

    YEA! He’s here! I can’t wait to see photos. I hope you two are doing well!

  14. Robert Says:


  15. Sara Says:

    Congratulations! Hope you feel less loopy soon; can’t wait to hear the details. Take care —

  16. Mindy Says:

    Congrats!! What a wonderful surprise. I didn’t see that coming!! Take care and get some rest.

  17. Nic Says:

    Wow, was all prepared for another look at the pretty toes only to find you have even better news. Congradulations to you and your family, get some rest and post when you can. Much internet love to you and you new blog material- um, son.

  18. Martha Says: