Ignorance really is bliss

July 4, 2006


Some things I learned or realized this not so holiday-ish weekend.

  • Having a cold while insanely pregnant and miserable with heartburn really kinda sucks. A lot.
  • While having said cold, a nice relaxing holiday weekend is notsomuch a possibility.
  • Trying to manage someone whose English is limited is something of a challenge. Me and www.freetranslation.com are becoming BFF awfully fast.
  • I dug out my old copy of What to Expect The First Year over the weekend. This was an INCREDIBLY bad idea. Know why it’s a bad idea? Because now I am forced to remember all the stuff I chose to replace in my brain with better stuff. Like colic. And dealing with mystery illnesses that cause you to call pediatricians at 2:37am. Or breastfeeding issues. Or colic.
  • Also, I am now reminded that, even though I am the worst pregnant woman walking on the planet, it is easier to manage a baby inside my uterus than outside. At least at this point my life is (mostly) my own. July 26th? It all kinda goes to hell in a handbag. With a soon-to-be-jealous five-year-old as an exciting accessory.

    That’s about all from here. Me and my sniffles and stuffy head are going back to bed. At least until about 9:00pm when the fireworks start and they wake up a sleeping Swimmy who will come and crawl in bed with us thereby ending the beginning of what would probably be a crappy sleep anyway.

    G-d bless America.

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    2 Responses to “Ignorance really is bliss”

    1. Hazel Hazel Says:

      Feel better. And remember that all the bad stuff you chose not to remember? You’ll forget all of it too!

    2. R. Robyn Says:

      That baby is coming soon! (19 days?) You’ll probably forget about all that bad stuff after that first margarita anyway!