Bullety Deliciousness

June 30, 2006


Here are a few quick things before I attempt to have a lovely long weekend of sorts.

  • 40-something married women who are not in shape and have bad roots and are out to dinner with their respective families that include a wheelchair-bound grandmother and several children should NEVER decide to wear stretchy culottes 1 cm above their asscrack with mounds of muffin top flopping over their waistbands. I’m just sayin’. I was just tryin’ to eat dinner. And “Oh, no she di-in’t!” may have come flyin’ out of my mouth.
  • My mere presence in a company apparently causes corporate restructuring. This one happened yesterday. This happens every time I join a company. It took less than one year for this to occur this time. My apologies to the employees. This time I’ve kinda lost my awesome boss to a groovy promotion. Damnit. Hoping the new guy is cool, too.
  • Sometimes if I lay very still, Wiggly will move in such a way that I can identify a particular body part scooting around in there. This amuses me and The Swimmy to no end. If Husband saw it, his head might spin off.
  • Oreo cookies have some kind of jedi mind trick hold on me. The Force is strong with them.
  • I have finally picked something to go on Wiggly’s wall in his room. Actual decorations, people! And I found it at WALMART.com of all places! Check it out. $29! Love it. (No, that is not his real name.)

    nursery decoration.jpg

    That’s it for now! Have a terrific holiday weekend and be safe everyone!

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    3 Responses to “Bullety Deliciousness”

    1. bill Says:

      Brent, whew, that was close!
      Now, I know you’re partial to “Lance” but, face it, you just can’t go wrong with William.
      William the Conquerer, William Tell, William Shakespeare, William Shatner…
      Don’t fight it. It’s the right thing to do.

    2. Pixie Says:

      Hope you’re having a safe and festive 4th of July!!
      Love the decoration.
      Regarding names, I have to say, whatever you do, don’t give your boy Chaos’ real name… then you have people calling your son SHE and it’s not a pretty sight! lol

    3. Hazel Hazel Says:

      That is adorable.