Nanny Diaries: This is me SO not complaining about having a housekeeper.

June 21, 2006



As I have said before, Maria is unbelievably capable. She takes great pride in a clean house and happy kid. We love Maria.

But, Maria is proactive. This is usually a great thing. Okay, it is always a great thing. But when you are not particularly prepared for said proactiveness, strange shit can happen.

I had many, many things to do today because (yay!) my folks came home from Little Rock for a loooooong deserved and much needed several month break. I had to go to a work meeting, then go to the grocery store to help them out, drop off food at their house (and mine) and go flying out the door to pick up The Swimmy at camp (with more work in between all that). No problem. I had it all worked out.

Until my meeting ran a half hour over. It wasn’t too bad, except we had this discussion at a Starbuck’s and sat outside and I made the unfortunate decision to wear a dark colored t-shirt and jeans – when it’s 100 degrees outside.

(The baby, he is eating my brain. Slowly.)

So, I HAD to go home and change. Otherwise I was risking spontaneous combustion, or passing out. You get the picture.

I came flying in the door, said hello to Maria and ran to my closet.

Which had been completely re-organized and cleaned up OhMyG-d. I know! Usually a good thing! However, she had taken all my shorts, which were on the floor (Because that is my totally awesome organization system for the 3 pairs of maternity shorts I own. What? Shut up.) – and figured they were dirty. And put them in the washing machine.

So I had nothing to wear ‘cause I certainly wasn’t putting the Jeans As Hot As Fire back on. I looked for SOMETHING else to wear, and the only other item of clothes I had with a stretchy waist band was an old pair of Soffee shorts – which kinda still fit if I wore them WAAAAY under my stomache.

(Cue Maria apologizing in the background as we laughed. Sort of.)

So basically I went to the grocery store in a maternity tank top, wee-too-small Soffee shorts, my hair pulled up on the top of my head and flip flops. HOTT, baby! Smokin’.

Other things Maria proactively took on today:

  • Rebagged the trash the raccoons got into last night (I totally
  • slept through it all)
  • Rearranged a few kitchen cabinets
  • Washed all the baby bottles and nipples. By hand.
  • Cleaned and organized Husband’s closet.
  • I’m thinking her list tomorrow should include balancing the federal budget, solving the middle east crisis, solving the Hoffa disappearance, and figuring out the real words to “Blinded by the Light”.

    You know, to keep her busy in the morning.

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    4 Responses to “Nanny Diaries: This is me SO not complaining about having a housekeeper.”

    1. Judy Says:

      Can Maria come over and play?
      Love you,
      Grand Aunt who is totally DISORGANIZED

    2. jen Says:

      Or? You could send her my way… :O)

    3. R. Robyn Says:

      I’m pretty sure it goes
      Blinded by the light
      revved up like a deuce
      Another runner in the night
      Blinded by the light
      revved up like a deuce
      Another runner in the night
      Blinded by the light
      revved up like a deuce
      Another runner in the night
      Apparently “deuce” was a nickname for a certain model of car when the song was written. As if you wanted to know any of this.

    4. Em Says:

      Well it sounds like her afternoon is free … send her on over … I’ve got an oven she can work on ! 🙂