Kinda like how the Olympic athletes do it, I’m sure

June 19, 2006


The end is in sight. Kind of. I mean, I still have a month to go on this little biological adventure, but a key milestone has been met.

(No, the baby has not dropped.)

I am looking at catalogues and magazines again. Voraciously.

My “non-pregnant” self is in sight in the distance. And my inner “accessory whore” might be starting to lose her mind. I am visualizing lovely pants that can be BELTED, high-heels, sandals that are not thongs, breezy, but FITTED shirts, and, of course, a few new accessories NOT resembling a diaper bag or jewelry representing a baby’s shoe.

It is a good day, my gentle snowflakes.

First up! A neat little oufit for the baby naming event.

Next! The finishing touches on the dress for OldestDaughter’s wedding. Shoes. Jewelry.

Lastly! Summer clearance sales. Lots of them.

But first (really), a bottle of self-tanner because Oh My G-d the pastiness is unholy.

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3 Responses to “Kinda like how the Olympic athletes do it, I’m sure”

  1. Hazel Hazel Says:

    Doesn’t it feel good to look ahead? And I am so with you on the self-tanner necessity.

  2. sixes' mom Says:

    Congratulations on the new one. Very, very exciting. Get some sleep- extra if possible. You will need to store it up.

  3. Sylvia Says:

    What a neat feeling to look on to the next stage.
    “Accessory whore.” *giggles* I like this. Maybe because I can identify.
    Think we could start a support group? Not to curb the accessory buying – just to let each other know about the good sales. 🙂