On Father's Day

June 16, 2006


A version of this email was discussed on a popular talk show to rave reviews by husbands and wives across the country. I couldn’t agree more. Here is my version, dedicated to my Husband, one of the best fathers I know.

Dear Hubsand,

I know that you have not always been in the job you want to be in and I know that you have given up much of your time for personal interests. But thank you for going to work everyday anyway. I know that if you were single and had no children, you would have the freedom to explore other options, try something new and follow your passions. But you have a wife and a family that you love and are dedicated to and so you go to work, everyday… for us—so our kids can go to college, or a private school when they are older, so I can get closer to staying home with our little children, so we can have a nice home for our family, food to eat, cars to drive, and, one day, family vacations that will bond us together for life. Thank you for that. I KNOW it is a sacrifice for you and I appreciate your dedication to this family. You have shown this family nothing but love, commitment, and most importantly, INTEGRITY and HONOR. I deeply respect you for that.

There are not many “men” in this world anymore. They are a dying breed in my mind, which is a shame with all of the sons that need to be raised today, but you my sweet husband, are a MAN! You are an amazing example to our daughters, our son on the way and to me. Everyday, for the entire 9 years of our marriage, I have felt your wish for me to be a well-cared for princess living in a beautiful castle provided by YOU, and it is a pleasure to treat you like the knight in shining armor that you are.

I will say it again. You have our deepest respect and love. I know the Swimmy is only 5, but already she sees an example of a MAN every time you walk out the door to go to work with a smile and gratefulness in your heart, and when you return home with hugs and kisses for us after serving this family on the battlefield. You are amazing and I just wanted to remind you of that.

When you come home tonight, and with a little creativity, there will be a cute, so-very-pregnant, 5’9” unwrapped “gift” waiting to thank you for your efforts and heal any wounds you may have acquired while you were out being my warrior today.

With Love and respect,

Your Wife & Deart

And to my dad, a shining example of a husband and father, Husband and I love you and respect you. You have always gone to battle for your family — most recently, mom. It is a difficult fight and you have made sacrifices lovingly and without a second thought. I can’t help but think how proud your dad is of you today, and every day.

I love you.

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3 Responses to “On Father's Day”

  1. Hazel Hazel Says:

    Beautiful tribute.

  2. Ree Says:

    What a sweeeeeeeeet note.

  3. R. Robyn Says:

    This is a great letter. I hope he treasures it!