Friends, Food, Camp and the Road Home

June 12, 2006


Well, this weekend brought a wonderful visit from BestFriendWendy and her family all the way from Chicago. There was sharing and no sharing, laughing and no laughing, crying and no crying, Strawberry Shortcake, arts & crafts, and many, many Princess stories.

While the kiddos navigated through diplomatic and developmental minefields, we grown ups enjoyed massive amounts of food and drink, oh, and conversation. Here’s list of things that were consumed this weekend:

Asian-glazed, grilled salmon

Caesar salad (made the most rockin’ tofu based dressing I never thought I’d ever eat let alone make)

Asian-marinated, grilled portabella mushrooms

Drunken shrimp (Grilled. Think margarita and you’ll get the idea.)

Feta, tomato, green onion and cucumber orzo salad

Tons of ice cream. Tons.

Garlic dip


Salsa fresca

Cheese. Jesus, the cheese.

The freshest strawberries and blueberries G-d ever made

Chocolate chip cookies

…And anything the kids didn’t finish

It was awesome. Just like the company.

This morning brought a carpool ride to the airport with the first stop being the Swimmy’s first day of camp. Oy.

She was very excited to start camp. Much like her Mommy and Daddy, her favorite part of the morning was deciding what in the world to pack for lunch today!

Because she is now in camp with some of the older kids, she gets to swim twice a day: instructional and just for fun. The parents’ manual said we should send two bathing suits and two towels for this. And a change of clothes. Perhaps two. Uh, do you have any idea how big a bag she’d have to take to accommodate all this shit? Right. Here are two bathing suits and one towel. Deal with it. I’ll be ecstatic if they both come home.

And she ran right in, which is so awesome. But, I keep thinking, “I hope she’s made a little friend. I hope her counselors don’t suck. I hope she actually SWIMS today.” And? I kinda miss her (eventhough she’s never home during the day because of school) – and wish I could go over to her camp and just peek around a corner to see what she’s doing.

I think I’ll go find those chocolate chip cookies.

And finally, news from Little Rock. After a horrible stretch up there, it appears the sun is beginning to shine and my folks may actually get to come home shortly. Dad is hoping they’ll get sprung by Saturday. This time the treatment was an awful stretch. The kind of awful where you don’t think you could possibly do that again (which she is supposed to do). But, The Battle continues.

Luckily, once they’re released, they get to come home for two whole months. An eternity! And this stretch of home includes meeting their newest grandchild next month (holy shit). Not a bad “reward”. And the Swimmy is ready to see them again as well. Hell we all are.

Well, how’s that for four days? Sorry for the break in posting – more to come later today!

Hope your weekend was fantastic.

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One Response to “Friends, Food, Camp and the Road Home”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Next time you’re cooking like that, can I come?!
    I just ate lunch and now I’m STARVING!!
    I’ll bring some appetizers or something. 🙂