Am Professional. Really.

June 7, 2006


I had to go to the grocery store today to get a few things before BestFriendWendy and family arrive on Friday. I’ll spare you the tedious shopping experience.

I was done paying and all the yummy groceries were stacked up nicely in my cart.

I thought.

I was rolling the cart out to the parking lot when I suddenly heard a crash and felt, uh, wet, on my feet. I looked down and the six-pack of beer I had bought to boil some yummy fresh shrimp in had apparently been loaded underneath the cart and slid off. On to concrete. And exploded everywhere.


With the help of a very nice gentleman, I bagged up the bottles and rolled everything back inside. Blah, blah, blah…I got a new six-pack and was on my way.

However…now I smell like beer. And I have a business meeting in few hours. I’m thinking that a beer-smelling, pregnant woman is not the correct image to project in said meeting with some ex-colleagues.

[hic!] Whaddaya think?

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4 Responses to “Am Professional. Really.”

  1. Em Says:

    I think it’s a great way to portray yourself … keep ’em on their toes. Maybe go to the meeting barefoot, also. You know, for more pizazz to the effect! 🙂

  2. jen Says:

    Hahaa! What Em said! *giggles*

  3. Leslie Says:

    … classy!

  4. Buffy Says:

    Pregnant women stinking of beer.
    That’s just too funny.