365 Days

June 5, 2006



Today is this blog’s first anniversary.

A whole year.

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I started this little project. It started on Blogger, where it was free and you could jack around with HTML ‘til your little fingers fell off to see what you could learn. Then it moved to Typepad because I desperately needed a little more creative control over the design. And, finally, the fabulous Zoot pimped out my page(s) and moved my happy ass to MT.

And here I’ve stayed… Telling stories, responding to silly pop-culture events, skipping through the field of daisies called Parenthood and Marriage, and getting to know you guys.

And I need to thank YOU (‘cause that’s how my momma raised me) – everyone who stops by on a regular basis, who has shared this site with others, and shared pieces of your lives with me. This has been quite a year (for all of us), and I thank you for being a part of it.

Who knows what else a year from now will bring (except, uh, a new kid)… but I’m looking forward to every minute and laughing and writing my way through it.



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9 Responses to “365 Days”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Congratulations on your first blogiversary!! I have really enjoyed reading you!!

  2. jen Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Sylvia Says:

    Happy Blog-a-versary!

  4. Laurie Says:

    Way to go! It’s been fun every time I stop in! 🙂

  5. Mindy Says:

    Congrats and happy blogaversary! I enjoy reading your blog and getting to know you and your family.

  6. Chris Says:

    Happy Blogiversary!!

  7. Chris Says:

    Happy Blogiversary!!

  8. Leslie Says:

    Thanks for being open and sharing your story…
    Enjoy your day.

  9. bill Says:

    Chalupas with extra beans for everybody!