A Whole Hand

May 22, 2006


Dear Swimmy,

You are five years old today. I know this not only because I’m your mother, but because at 6:28am you came bounding in and asked (quite loudly), “Am I five yet?!”

Yes. You are.

I hear so many people talk about “It goes so fast…you begin to forget things… Can you believe she’s FIVE already?!” Yes. Yes I can. I remember it all.

This has been a banner year for you. You’ve come out of your introverted stage into full on goof-dom. You have become one of your teacher’s favorites not only for your smile, beauty and unbelievable brains (OMG), but for your heart as well.

We went to Build-A-Bear together this week as part of a world-wide project for the Ronald McDonald Houses. You and 4 of your girlfriends from school were invited. You got to make a special bear that would be donated to a sick child. Some were concerned the participants might not want to give up the bears they made. Not you. You wanted to make the best little bear in the world so “my sick friends could feel better with her.” You kissed her and handed her over proudly. I might have cried 3 times.

Build A Bear May 2006 023.jpg

The best part of all of this is that I not only laugh at you, but laugh with you as well. You, my little Swimmy, have no rhythm. And I think you are tone deaf. Sorry. Both Daddy and I contributed to that combination. But you sing and dance with all the passion of a star performer and, in this case, intent counts more than technique.

It’s amazing, but Daddy and I are continuing astounded at the fact that you walk nowhere. You bounce or flit or glide or skip…and sometimes we just shake our heads. But then Daddy says a little out-loud prayer that he hopes you are always this happy – ‘cause that’s what all that means. Amen.

Every now and then you’ll turn your head up to me when we’re snuggling in the morning, or throw me a glance while you’re playing and I catch a glimpse of the little baby face and baby cheeks I used to munch on. Thanks for still letting me nibble.

You are one special little girl. Your love, smile and spirit have healing power – just ask your Dodi and Zayde when they’re in Little Rock. You will never know how your silly little smiling face on a computer screen fills them up – but yours is a love affair no one dare tread on. The medicine helps, but you help more.

This is a big year for you, Swimmy. You go to kindergarten at a new school, you become a big sister, you get to be a flower girl in OldestDaughter’s wedding, and who knows what else awaits you. Whatever it is, I know you will approach it with curiosity, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm and giggles. And I’m just glad I’m here to watch it all unfold for you.

Happy Birthday, Boo Boo. I love you.



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5 Responses to “A Whole Hand”

  1. jen Says:

    Happy Birthday Swimmy!!
    I hope I can have this kind of pride and love for my (pending) daughter… She is lucky to have such loving parents, fostering her goodness along….
    Now..where is that post about heartburn and boobs??

  2. Judy Says:

    You, my precious niece, are the bestest mommy and I am soooo proud of you and the hunk (as grandma affectionately calls him.) Thanks for filling my heart with pride.
    I’m kinda sappy tonight!!
    Love, love, love ya,

  3. Jet Says:

    Ok, now that my mascara has run completely down my face……….geez.
    Happy 5th birthday to your little angel…..

  4. hardtoimagine Says:

    That just might have made me tear up a little bit. The Swimmy is very lucky to have such a wonderful mommy. Hope her birthday is fabulous!

  5. Hazel Hazel Says:

    That was beautiful…just like her.