Her Name Was Jessica

May 13, 2006


But she was known in the Blogosphere as CancerBaby. She lived a valiant life and battled with infertility and cancer.

On this Mother’s Day, I’d like to honor her struggle. She never had the chance to be a mom, but she shared valuable information about women’s health issues. And so, in her memory, I ask every woman reader to take a moment and read this post about ovarian cancer. It is a silent killer, and too many women don’t know the warning signs or how to be advocates for their health in this area.

I wish you peace, Jessica. And for your family. You will be missed.

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One Response to “Her Name Was Jessica”

  1. bill Says:

    Jessica. I didn’t know her name until now. She was so brave and wrote so well. I never knew her, of course, but I will mourn her passing anyway. Please give us all such strength.