Okay. I feel better now.

May 10, 2006


Remember that ticking calendar? I might have used a little “retail therapy” to quiet it a bit.

Just a bit.

When I re-read that list of “really important and necessary baby-type” things that were not in this house, my head might have exploded a little. So, today I ventured into Babies ‘R Us to gather a few of those necessities. And…maybe a little outfit that was WAY too cute to leave in the store. (natch)

Things gathered today:

A few bottles and newborn nipples

A package of diapers

Some wipes

Breast pads (Ew. Even typing that grosses me out.)

Infant Tylenol

Infant Mylecon

A couple of sunshades for our cars

A bib that reads “I’m the Little Brother”

Another bib that reads “I love my Big Sister” (you know, for The Swimmy!)

SIDE SNAP T-SHIRTS (yes, All Caps! These things are the BEST!)

Man. That’s better than Xanax. Ahhhh…

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One Response to “Okay. I feel better now.”

  1. jen Says:

    Yay for retail therapy!!!
    I have been told that I cannot shop until AFTER the baby shower. *sigh*