If you’re not pregnant or hungry, this will be of no interest to you

May 3, 2006


You know what’s NOT fun? A glucose tolerance test. Here, Pammer, eat nothing, then you have five minutes to drink this little bottle of orange punch that tastes awful and is T H I S F U C K I N G S W E E T in the hopes that your blood sugar will skyrocket then come crashing down making you feel like a combination of being drunk, a bus hitting you, and, of course, nauseated.

But, wait! There’s more! Then (THEN!) we shall joyously stick you with a needle to draw blood and comment, “Baby, you runnin’ a bit slow today.” No shit, lady, I’VE HAD NOTHING TO EAT OR DRINK.

Good times.

Blah * Blah * Blah * Blah * Blah * Blah * Blah * Blah * Blah * Blah

In other news…. People, I’ve run out things to cook. I need help. I have a Husband and a five year old that need some new stuff in the dinner rotation. Send in recipes, links or suggestions!! Here are the (very few) stipulations:

1. Not too cheesy or creamy (there are some with lactose issues around here)

2. The Swimmy has a faily sophisticated palette, but don’t go too exotic

3. No cilantro.

4. Easy rulz.

Blah * Blah * Blah * Blah * Blah * Blah * Blah * Blah * Blah * Blah

I pre-registered online for the hospital today. It was soooo very easy. I love that. Know what I don’t love? That I only qualify for 18 days paid time off for “maternity leave”. Yep, 18 days.

I haven’t been in my current job for a year (so, no FMLA which is such a crock anyway), they don’t have short term disability, and I don’t have very much PTO, sick or long term illness hours laying around. 18 days to be exact!

I’m not really sweating all this too much because I am so blessed to be working out of my house right now. However, I’m not sure my OB is going to love the idea of releasing me after 18 days to go back to work. Guess I’ll be working on that transition plan pretty soon…huh?

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7 Responses to “If you’re not pregnant or hungry, this will be of no interest to you”

  1. Em Says:

    Ask and you shall receive. I was actually going to post a few recipes to my site in the next few days … but since you asked, I will try to get it there TO.NIGHT!
    By the way, 18 days is insane !!! You’ll still be full of morphine by then, right?

  2. bill Says:

    New business plan: Blogging for Cents
    Believe it or not, it looks good (under morphine).

  3. ArtsyDaughter Says:

    Why don’t you make that Cheeseburger Pie again? I thought it was good and just make dad take a bunch of lactaid.

  4. Jet Says:

    You recently attended a fabu babyshower where there was a yummy greek salad. Well, the dressing for the salad makes a great sauce for angel hair pasta. I added shrimp (not kosher), but I am sure chicken would work or nothin’ (the kids preferred) a bit of parmesean to cut the bite and WHA-LAH Greek Pasta. Trust me it was some kind of good and super easy!

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