Poof! Darkness? Gone. Belly? Appears.

May 1, 2006


Well, BestFriendWendy made my millennium by sending a box full of maternity clothes to me with a special surprise in it!

Good Samaritan Golf 2006 013.jpg

And like an idiot I took a picture in the mirror and the words are backwards. But, you are not only pretty, but smart – so you can figure it out! How cute is this shirt?! Look! Boobs! Look! A belly!

Oh, yeah. Here’s the belly at 27 weeks.

Good Samaritan Golf 2006 014.jpg

I haven’t posted the gratuitous belly shots you normally see on “Mommy Blogs”. I just never understood why people did that. It is kind of the blog equivalent of having someone touch your belly (which I hate) – but you’re inviting them to do it. But, I thought I’d “blog outside the box” tonight. So, there ya go.

I’ve done a little shopping as of late. Partly because, well, that’s what I do when I’m stressed (much to Husband’s dismay sometimes), and partly because, well, there’s a little boy coming to this house and he can’t come home naked.

And so, I proudly present, “Things That May or May Not Be Cute As I Try to Understand How to Dress A Boy Without Making Him Look Gay at 3 Weeks Old”. By Pammer, Grade 5.

The Going Home Outfit. Cute, Soft, Easy to get on and off. Amen.

Baby Clothes 001.jpg

The Mandatory Plaid Overalls. I think there’s a rule about this.

Baby Clothes 003.jpg

An Outfit That Borders On “Not Masculine” But Was Too Cute Not to Buy. And it had a matching hat, people!

Baby Clothes.jpg

And there’s a whole host of little cotton onesies for the more non-fashionable moments like when he’s peed all over me for the gazillionth time and needs to be changed again for the love of G-d.

One last question: Is it wrong that I’m forcing myself not to eat a huge bowl of ice cream right now because tomorrow morning is my glucose tolerance test? Pfft.

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6 Responses to “Poof! Darkness? Gone. Belly? Appears.”

  1. stephanie Says:

    That shirt is adorable! I can’t believe how tiny you still are, although my most recent point of perspective was my cousin who looked about 8 months pregnant just 4 months in.
    And I think that your bathroom may be the size of my entire apartment. How’s that for affordable DC real estate? *sigh*

  2. R. Robyn Says:

    I love the Oh Boy shirt! Sorry I haven’t commented in a while. For some reason my browser was stuck on the same page every time I clicked on your link. Finally (today) I clicked “refresh” and now I get to read new posts!

  3. Jet Says:


  4. Chris Says:

    Great shirt. And great self portraits!! 🙂

  5. jen Says:

    “And so, I proudly present, “Things That May or May Not Be Cute As I Try to Understand How to Dress A Boy Without Making Him Look Gay at 3 Weeks Old”. By Pammer, Grade 5.”
    Priceless. Absolutely priceless. I can always count on you for a giggle…. :O)
    Outfits are adorable by the way..!!!

  6. Tina Says:

    You look fab. Wish I’d had a shirt like that. Boy clothes? Gets worse – 1 small picked over rack for every 15 bulging racks of girl clothes. Not fair.