Round Two

April 14, 2006


Mom and Dad left for Little Rock on Tuesday to begin Round Two of the treatment regimen. The upside on this one is that they only have to be there for about two weeks and then get to come home for about a month.

The downside is, well, it’s damn hard to go back enthusiastically. The first time, all the anxiety was wrapped up in the unknown. What is the treatment? What are the side effects? Am I going to feel really sick? How does hair loss happen? Can I be the supportive partner?

This time, because the treatment regimen is essentially the same thing, just on a compressed timeline, they know what’s going to happen. And, while it isn’t horrific (relatively speaking), they know enough to know it still sucks. There are still schedules that will get screwed up, medications that mess your personality up, chemotherapy that screws with your body and basic sense of tastes.

Hard to get fired up for that, huh?

But, I hope they can gather some strength and motivation from the shorter timeline and promise of a longer “break” at the end. And I hope they can gather strength from each other. I’m sure being on a path like this is a tremendous strain on any relationship. I have to wonder what impact this kind of experience has on a marriage. Kinda like everything else in life, I guess you have two choices: better or worse. (Wonder if that’s why those are in the secular wedding vows?)

The Swimmy is missing my folks a little more this time. She, too, knows more this time. Talking on the computer isn’t as novel and isn’t as great a substitute, so we’re trying to get more creative with how we communicate “virtually”. But, nothing substitutes for an actual hug. To her credit, she is understanding and knows that they are in Little Rock to talk to doctors who will help “everyone feel better.”

You got that right. Go Razorbacks.

UPDATED TO ADD: Mom went to the doc today for an evaluation before she starts her treatment this time. Result? MYELOMA-FREE, BITCHES! Woo!

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5 Responses to “Round Two”

  1. Tina Says:

    I read your post earlier and have been thinking about your situation off and on throughout the day… and so I checked back to find this good news! Yea! I hope her time in Arkansas goes quickly and that she will look back upon it and believe it was worth it.

  2. Leslie Says:

    That is awesome Pam. What great news I have been curious about what had been happening, and this is just amazing news. Deep sigh…..

  3. Em Says:

    So glad to hear that!!! God Bless!

  4. Mindy Says:

    I’m glad to hear things are going well for your mom!

  5. jen Says:

    Wow! That is one hell of an update! *claps*