Too Cool at School

April 13, 2006


The Swimmy has recently decided it’s cool to eat breakfast at school in the mornings. I don’t really mind it. The school offers an assortment of healthy foods, yogurts, juices, etc. and for fifty cents an item, it’s not breaking the budget.

It is, however, causing me to get up and out the door sooner than I’m used to which is kind of annoying. Sigh.

I started thinking about the whole “eating at school thing”. I remember never wanting to eat the actual food, but the desserts were highly coveted. Especially in Junior High (now called Middle School). You could buy these frozen ice cream shakes for a dollar and I couldn’t eat enough of them.

(Ice cream is still a huge weakness.)

Somewhere along the way someone had the genius, 13-year-old-mind idea of racing to see “who could eat the shake faster”. Let the games begin.

You could pick your flavor (chocolate or vanilla – I was always a vanilla fan) and choose to use a plastic spoon or metal one from the lunch trays. And whoever was currently wearing either the grooviest 1983 two-toned Seiko or ribbon-banded “preppy” watch with a second hand was the time keeper.

The rest of the story doesn’t really matter, or who won for that matter. The best part is what the winner walked away with…yep, you guessed it:

…. A monstrous, vice-like case of “Brain Freeze” so crippling you were lucky if you made it to your next class. If I close my eyes, I can almost feel it coming on.

What’s even dumber? We’d do it again the next day. Hey, what can I say? The ice cream rocked.

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One Response to “Too Cool at School”

  1. Leslie Says:

    And why wouldn’t you want to be the winner of all that PAIN? Afterall it is worth it…
    I used to live in Texas and it was always worth the brain freeze for a sonic strawberry limeade slush, in all its glucose glory. In fact it still is…..