Desperation is the mother of fashion

April 6, 2006


As I’ve mentioned before, OldestDaughter is getting married. Originally, this little event was to take place in late October. That would mean Wiggly would be roughly 3 months old. Now, for reasons beyond my control, the wedding is in early September – meaning Wiggly will be all of 5 weeks old.

Yeah, good times.

Originally, I was going to find one fantastic dress to not only highlight my new title of UnusuallyGroovyMIL, but also my rockin’ ta-tas from 3 mos of breast feeding.

(I celebrate the ta-tas because I usually have none. So, there.)

This wasn’t going to be a problem before. Just find a dress a size bigger in a forgiving style and have it altered after the baby was born. Tah dah.

Now? Nope. No time. And so, I’ve taken the completely decadent (yet surprisingly affordable) route: I’m having a dress made.

I scoured endless fashion magazines for a dress that met certain criteria and I came across one that I absolutely llluuuurrrrvvvv. I won’t name the designer for fear of copyrighteousness hitting me upside the head, but she is terrific and this dress rocks hardcore.

This week I went for the muslin fitting and adjusting. I’d never done that before and it is cool to see the design and production process step by step. The same part of me that was obsessed with Project Runway is totally jonesing on this. And another little part of me? Is feeling a little royal and a bit Cinderella-ish. *grin*

The only question now is if I actually get to wear this dress to this occasion. Yes! Because, you see, I’m having a c-section AND having my tubes tied. I’m not entirely convinced that I’ll make it to this little event, but I’m hopeful. I know I won’t be able to stand up on the pulpit for an hour in heels and will only be able to sit on the front row, but that’s okay.

But I can’t wait to see these pictures. It’ll be a sad little game! See if you can pick out the set of parents with a five week old infant that gets up every two or three hours and a five year old starting Kindergarten from the group.

Yep. That’s us. Mr. and Mrs. Fabulously Dressed But Hopelessly Exhausted. Nice to meet you! Are you with the bride’s family or the groom’s?

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4 Responses to “Desperation is the mother of fashion”

  1. R. Robyn Says:

    I like your blog! Interesting post too, I hope the dress works out for you. I’ll be back!

  2. Shalee Says:

    Ei yi yi… Well at least you will look good and you’ll fill out the dress the way it should be filled out.
    I had a two c-sections, and if you are a good little girl and stay off your feet and let others help you around the house, you should be good to go for the wedding. (By help, I mean tell them to get their butts over to your place and do some dishes and vacuuming and cooking. They’re just waiting for directions on how to help you know…)
    Seriously, take it easy afterwards. You will recover at a faster pace.

  3. Judy Says:

    Grand Aunt is available and will report to do duty to help whatever. I DON’T do toilets or windows. I know that surprises you. 🙂

  4. Em Says:

    Pammer: You’ve got the right attitude woman!! I would LOVE to have a dress made like that … you better post some pics so we can all gawk (it’s not everyday we see good ta tas!) 🙂
    Glad to be back in the country so I can read up on ya!