Defeated. A Work in Blue.

April 2, 2006


Well, we did it. It’s done. The room got its second coat of PINK! paint and is now done. DONE!

But, when I pulled off the blue painter’s tape (so painstakingly applied by Husband) from the ceiling, there is still a visible 3mm pinstripe of blue paint at the top of the room.


Hard as he tried, the walls have settled and it was impossible for him to allow for that. Thus, a blue stripe.

(This is why Jews don’t paint, by the way.)

And so? The way I will solve this problem is by hiring a nice wood-smart dude to come in and put up some crown molding to mask this problem and ultimately make the room look better. So…the $200 bucks I saved by painting the room ourselves? Gone. Because paint I will attempt. Carpentry? Not on your life.


We do, however, feel a nice sense of accomplishment. I, however, feel pissed at HGTV. As a devoted fan of the channel, I followed all the steps in a good painting process. I taped. I primed. I cut in. I rolled.

Know what I learned? THIS SHIT IS HARD. And? I may suck at it. I am apparently a better crafter than I am a painter.

I am soooo okay what that.

(But I’m still gonna do Wiggly’s room in a couple of weeks – G-d help me.)

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